Disgusting Event Takes Center Stage For Islam Despite Terror Attacks [PICS]


Just two months after the horrific terrorist attack at the Lindt cafe in Sydney, Australia, which left two hostages dead by an Islamic gunman, the city will play host to a fashion show catering to Muslims on the catwalk. A portion of the event has been designated to showcase the haute couture of hijabs — the religious garb Islamic women are required to wear for full coverage.

According to the Daily Telegraph, women in hijabs will hit the catwalk in a secret fashion show put on by Creatives Uncovered on Thursday, and it’s reported to be the spotlight of the evening. Models from around the globe will don fashionable twists on the traditional headwear as they careen down the catwalk without a care in the world for those who died at the hands of the religion they’re representing.

The fashion event was created to allow young designers and start-up brands to showcase fashions from around Australia and the show’s director, Sharon Garrard of Chic Petite Events, couldn’t be more excited (and clueless) about this poorly timed addition to the line-up.

Garrard hopes that by presenting the hijab as a fashion accessory it will push boundaries and create conversations. “We want to push boundaries with the showcase, and I am learning more about the headwear since I started organizing the event,” Garrard said. What she has apparently failed to learn is that Islam is not a religion of peace and their garb is degrading to women, in that it imposes an unusually strict modesty standard men do not have to abide by.

“I want to bring a lot of women together from all different backgrounds,” the director added to make her efforts appear noble. “The limelight is on Muslims right now because of the state of affairs but … there are no borders to this fashion event and anybody can be involved.”

Garrard hopes people as oblivious to terrorism as she is, will come to the show with an open, non-judgmental mind about Islam. She explained, “If people have an open mind then hopefully it will change the view of a lot of people.” Presumably Muslims will be in attendance to be inspired by the new colors and patterns their same old frock can come in, and it’s likely their minds will be more closed to opposing attitudes and religions than anyone else. But Garrad’s sentiment was not directed at that group of people.

Disgusting Event Takes Center Stage For Islam Despite Terror Attacks [PICS]

“Sometimes people can be quite intimidated by the hijab and quite judgmental,” Garrard added. “But many Muslims are just like you or I, they just have different beliefs and choose to cover up and I respect that.” The issue others have is not with the fact that they cover their head, it’s that their religion aims to kill people who disagree them, and that’s the real intimidating factor.

“I am very positive everyone is going to enjoy this because I have been running these types of events for a while now, and I would be highly disappointed if anybody brought a negative attitude,” she said. Adding that if you disagree with showcasing sharia-compliant clothing, you just stay home. “Anybody who is behind what we are trying to accomplish is welcome to the event. For me this is 100 per cent the right thing to do.”

Whether the director or attendees feel it’s right, wrong, or that it’s simply art interpreting life, the timing and event location couldn’t be more poorly planned

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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