Disgusting: Lady Gaga Admits Our Worst Fears About NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show

It’s Super Bowl Sunday folks! Grab your nachos, chicken wings, and favorite beverage and get ready for the year time tradition of hooting and hollering at the game…Well, maybe not so much the game this year, but rather the half-time show performance which will be done up by Lady Gaga, who rumor has it, will be including in her act yet another bombardment of personal politics – and this time, its to include ‘equality’ and ‘inclusion’.

Oh, but don’t worry. That’s not the only political statement performance that will go down today. You can expect to get a whole range of anti-Trump political swings through the various commercials that will be playing all throughout the game. The goal? Take as many shots at the President as they can. Keep and eye out for Budweiser, the official beer of the Super Bowl…They have a blatant knock on Trumps immigration freeze with a commercial showcasing their companies founder.

The game is looking to be one of the most agonizing to date, and not because of the teams themselves, but rather the advertisers and the half-time show by Hillary Clinton drumbeater Lady GaGa.

Breitbart News pegged down what the performer said during an interview in an article titled, “Lady Gaga Claims Her Super Bowl Halftime Show Will Promote ‘Inclusion’ and ‘Equality’”:


Two weeks ago, we brought you reports that the NFL had asked Lady Gaga to stay away from politics with her halftime performance at the Super Bowl. This week, we can report there’s a strong chance that Lady Gaga has every intention of getting political with her halftime performance at the Super Bowl.

Gaga held a press conference on Thursday in Houston. During the Q&A session, a reporter asked Gaga, “I know you spoke about kinda taking this moment to unify America a little bit. Are you going to do that at all? Are you going to make any kind of statements during the performance?”

The pop star responded, “Well, I don’t know if I will succeed in unifying America. You’ll have to ask America when it’s over. But the only statements that I’ll be making during the halftime show are the ones that I’ve been consistently making throughout my career.

“I believe in a passion for inclusion. I believe in the spirit of equality, and the spirit of this country as one of love and compassion and kindness. So my performance will have both those philosophies.”

Get ready for the media to jump all over this in support…I know. Agonizing. Can’t we just be left a alone on the biggest sporting event of the year?

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