Disgusting Liberals Spit On Conservatives As They Attend Trump Convention

Today in liberal tolerance – liberals spit on conservatives attending a Donald Trump convention. In other words, it was just another ordinary day for leftists.

As InfoWars reports:

A newly uncovered video out of Anaheim, California shows a Hispanic woman wearing a “Make America Mexico Again” hat spitting on an Asian-American Trump supporter after he asserts that he loves his country.

I’ve personally never understood the “Make America Mexico Again” slogan. If you want America to be Mexico again, why not just cut out the middle man and…. move to Mexico?

Part of me thinks they all know deep down inside that Mexico is the last place these people want to be.

The clip shows a group of Asian-American Trump supporters wearing American flag regalia walking to the convention center to hear Trump’s speech. They are pursued and harassed by a Hispanic woman who is also recording them on her cellphone.

“Just ’cause I love my country doesn’t mean I’m ignorant,” says one of the Asian-Americans.

“You’re f—ng terrible and you’re [unintelligible] bro,” the woman responds. “You act like you’re with us and you’re against us bro, that’s so sad.”

After the man points at the woman’s camera, she launches a huge glob of spit in his direction.

“That’s battery,” he says.

“Yeah,” she responds.

Here’s the footage:

Small knot of anti-Trump demonstrators jawing with slightly larger group of pro-Trump demonstrators.

A video posted by Matt Pearce (@mattdpearce) on

Hopefully Trump views this. I think the wall just got 10 feet taller.

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