BREAKING: Truth Just Came Out About DISGUSTING Thing London Mayor Did 2 Days Before Terrorist Attack To Help It Happen

Yesterday there was another terror attack in London that has left the world stunned. This attack comes just two weeks after the Manchester terrorist attack, and two months after the Westminster attack this past March. After the attack in Manchester, you would think that England’s government would have tightened security. That the people in charge would do whatever they could to ensure the public’s safety. Sadly, that was not the case, and now 6 more people are dead. Now, it has to light that it could have been easily prevented just two days before the attack. 

Last year, London Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan mocked then-presidential candidate for his “ignorant” views on Islamic terror. Khan then logged onto Twitter to publically slam Trump which of course, received tons of liberal praise.

Now, after the third attack in England, many are wondering around the globe how this could happen? You would think that after the attack in Manchester they would have beefed up security. That Mayor Sadiq would instruct those in law enforcement to be even more vigilant than ever. Well, now it has been discovered that there WERE clues to this attack that this Mulsim mayor completely ignored.

According to Daily Mail:

ISIS warned another attack against the UK was ‘definitely coming’ just two days before seven people were killed by terrorists in London Bridge, it has emerged.

Weekly newsletter Al-Naba, published in territories occupied by the terrorist’s organization and distributed online, made the threats in an article about Manchester bomber Salman Abedi.

According to PJ Media, the piece, entitled ‘Blessed battle of Manchester: A new lesson for tyrants and crusader states’, read: ‘A soldier from the Islamic State has unleashed terror throughout (Britain).

An article published in ISIS’s Rumiyah magazine encouraged Islamic extremists to mow down pedestrians using rented vans.

‘They rushed to spread the army in the cities, mobilizing police and security in the streets for fear of a new attack (which) is inevitable, God willing.’

As well as the dead some 48 were injured in Saturday’s deadly rampage.

Three terrorists, driving a white van with Hertz and B&Q logos, mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge before getting out of the vehicle and stabbing people at random.

The attack comes months after the ISIS magazine, Rumiyah, encouraged jihadists to mow down innocent people using Hertz vehicles.

The article, published in November and entitled ‘Just Terror Attacks’, featured an image of a truck emblazoned with the rental company’s logo alongside a picture of New York City’s famous Thanksgiving parade.

According to the International Business Times, the piece read: ‘It is essential for the one seeking this method of operation to understand that it is not conditional to target gatherings restricted to government or military personnel only.

‘All so-called ‘civilian’ (and low-security) parades and gatherings are fair game and more devastating to Crusader nations.’

The magazine also included advice on how to carry out knife attacks.

Last month the same magazine published a step-by-step tutorial on how to use a heavy vehicle to kill pedestrians.

The guide advised readers on the best vehicles to use and targets.

Thirty-six people remain in hospital, including 21 in critical condition, following the attack last night. A bystander was shot in the head after they were caught in the police crossfire and the incident is being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, the Metropolitan Police revealed today.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed a Canadian national is among the dead but no name has been released. Australian waitress Candice Hedge is recovering in hospital after one of the terrorists ran up and cut her neck as she enjoyed a post-work drink at a bar. New Zealander Oliver Dowling, 32, is in a coma after being stabbed in the face during the attack.  His girlfriend, Maire Bondeville, was also injured although her condition is still unknown A British Transport Police officer was stabbed in the face and an off-duty Metropolitan Police officer was also injured.

Twelve people were arrested and four women were taken into police custody during an early morning raid at a tower block in Barking, east London, where one of the attackers is believed to have lived

Desperate families are begging for information on loved ones feared missing after the attack, including a 16-year-old girl who failed to return home last night

Of course, conservatives who saw this report are fighting back against this blatant ignorance.

I am struggling to understand this willful ignorance but then again could it be something much more nefarious? Is it possible that Mayor Sadiq Khan is allowing these types of attacks to continue on purpose? In some ways, it seems very plausible that he would ignore these signs. While Khan has said that he condemns these attacks, he still doing NOTHING to stop these attacks. Now, if it comes to light that London authorities were aware that an attack was imminent and nothing was done, that is a game changer. 

It is not Islamaphobia to vet those with ties to Islamic extremism in order to protect your country. I can only hope that the people in London will wake up and begin to demand more from their government. This mayor needs to be pushed out before more people are harmed because of his biased.

I can only hope and pray that those in those in London wake up before it is too late.


H/T [ TruthFeed ]

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