Disgusting Media Pukes Make Disturbing Claim About Trump — Backfires BIG With What He REALLY Did


The liberal media is a particularly sickening group of pukes who refuse to show the truth and then blame authentic outlets for “fake news” as a deflection from who they really are. Despite Barack Obama giving them ample trash to talk about, they tried to make him a national treasure and have now flipped the switch to trash our current president by refusing to report the incredible things he’s doing and has done en lieu of their agenda to villainize him, despite the truth.

When Barack Obama was President, he was awfully selective on what tragedies he’d make an effort to comment on. He infamously stated that if he had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin when referring to that incident. Commenting on the death of Michael Brown, who was killed after assaulting a police officer, Obama stated that there are now ‘stains on the heart of black children.’ Why did he comment on both those cases? Because it could be used to further a narrative of racism still being a major issue in America. Meanwhile, how did he treat other tragedies that would contradict his political agenda? By ignoring them, of course.

Obama completely ignored the widely publicized death of Katie Steinle, who was killed by an illegal alien who’d been deported countless times prior, but was lucky enough to now be living in a sanctuary city (which doesn’t deport illegals for solely immigration related crimes). That’s all changing under President Trump. He gave a speech before members of the Department of Homeland Security yesterday, and it couldn’t have been any more different than anything you’d hear from Obama’s mouth. As the Gateway Pundit reported:

Donald Trump recognized the family members of Americans killed by illegal aliens today at his speech on immigration and border control. During his speech President Trump had the family members and members of The Remembrance Project stand as he introduced them to the audience. These are Americans who were ignored during the Obama years. These are Americans who supported Donald Trump throughout the election. Today when Trump announced these family members the liberal media refused to show the family members when POTUS Trump recognized them and told them to stand.

Here’s a previous picture of Donald Trump with the Remembrance Project: trump-remembrance-project-575x327 Obama didn’t want to show these people – and now the media isn’t in his place.

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