Disgusting Muslim Makes Everyone Pay After Taking Big, Glutenous Bite Of Chili Cheese Fries

A meat eating Muslim scarfed down half of a burger and some delicious chili cheese fries like he was in a pork-belly eating contest with the Black Widow.

Then he realized what happened.

This Muslim ate some good ol’ fashioned pork. That’s right. Greasy, grimy, and delicious, that’s how we like it.

What’s wrong with the story? For some odd reason, the Muslim folks think certain foods are disgusting. They forget to use logic and realize that food is food. It’s either coming from the dirt, the water, the sky, or a factory filled with minimum wage employees creating chemical foods or slaughtering animals.

No matter how you look at it, food is just something you eat and there really is nothing wrong with pork. It’s an animal who walks around, gets dirty, and has a weird tail. There’s a lot of animals like that.

But those chili cheese fries that most people would find a delicacy of fatty yum yums couldn’t fool this Muslim. Halfway through the meal he realized the chili contained pork. Halfway through, exactly. He WANTED to eat at least half because it was so tasty. He did that on purpose.

When he realized he was eating the forbidden meat of Muslims, then he spazzed out and ran to the bathroom to vomit. I’m sure that procedure involved licking the toilet and putting his finger down his throat so his little act can look legit. He’s not fooling anyone around here, that’s for sure.

The restaurant eventually let him have his meal for free and most likely apologized, but that didn’t stop the man from being irate. He claims that he spit it out and was sick, but pork doesn’t really make people sick, especially if you’ve eaten half of them already. I don’t know anyone who is allergic to pork. If he was mentally ill, which is possibly true, then I can understand that. But I don’t believe for one bit that this man was sick from the pork. I believe he made himself sick to perpetuate a bigger story and try to go viral.

A Muslim man who ate half of a beef burger and chili cheese fries dish before discovering that the chili contained pork quickly went from being horrified beyond the capacity for rational thought to being outright indignant about the whole affair.

Indignant or straight up “ignant?” Which one is it?

“I had food in my mouth and I spat it out and went to the toilet, where I was sick,” U.K. resident Naz Ali later told the Birmingham Mail about the dish he had eaten Monday at a pub in the British town of Streetly.

I call ludicrous. Fake news. Total BS. Not falling for the sick routine. What’s next, it gave him flaming spicy hemorrhoids on the way out because there was an accidental pork bone dipped in hot sauce and cheese?

“I’ve eaten in all kinds of places in London and Birmingham, and I’ve never had an experience like this,” he said. “For religious purposes I don’t eat pork, and restaurants should be aware of what people of different religions can and can’t eat. It was a shambles.”

How is a restaurant supposed to know someone is Muslim? Good luck getting sued because someone said you racially profiled them and didn’t allow them to order a pork chop. It’s not a restaurants job to “know” what everyone is, does, or what shoddy religion dictates the food they ingest. That’s our job as a consumer to alert the restaurant if we have special needs for our diet. I like flavor, so I would like everyone to know that I want extra flavor on everything. Now every restaurant should know that when I walk in because it’s their job, right? Wrong. It’s my job as a responsible patron to notify the waitress of what I want.

“My friend is a Sikh and we had been joking about not having bacon on the burgers we ordered, but the waitress didn’t pick up on it at all,” he said. “I fancied a side to go with the burger, so I ordered the chill chips. It had what I thought was chicken stuck right in the middle.”

The keyword is joking. You weren’t being serious. You can’t expect a waitress to “pick up on it” and bring you an order that may or may not be correct for you. You can’t expect a waitress to bring something that was not specifically ordered. You can’t JOKE around about something and then act like that was your way of telling someone something. WRONG! SAD! STUPID!

Like we mentioned before, it’s your job to place the order.

Any waitress who’s doing their job right will bring you exactly what you ordered because THAT’S HOW IT WORKS!

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