DISGUSTING! The New “Sexy Carl’s Jr. Burger Girl” …You Would Never Believe It!


Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s is probably better known by their advertisements than their food. They combine babes and burgers – what would be better?

One of their best known ads featured model and Kate Upton lookalike Charlotte McKinney.


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They’re going to be testing out a new model – but she’s not exactly a bombshell like McKinney. Lifted Spirits reports:

The fast food giant announced that Caitlyn Jenner will be the new face, and body, for their ‘Midnight Moonshine’ burger. In the commercial, Caitlyn will be adorned in an American flag bikini positioned across the hood of a 2017 Camaro while biting into the succulent sweet and smoky burger. The commercial will make its debut on the 4th of July.


Just to put things in perspective, here’s who they’re replacing:


Hopefully we won’t have to wait until McKinney transitions to a man before she appears in another ad.

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