DISGUSTING: Niagara Falls – Black Thugs Slap White Disabled Man…And Then Post Video Online


From GWP:

Police in Niagara Falls say they have identified three of four men involved in abuse of a mentally disabled man.

The men slapped the disabled man and then posted the abusive video online.

WKBW reported:

Police in Niagara Falls say they have identified three of four people involved in a video that appeared online showing a physically and mentally disabled man being slapped.

The video was posted to Facebook and shows the man, who authorities have identified as a man named “Billy,” being struck. Police officers know Billy, who say they see him walking up and down Pine Avenue every day. Police say for the most part, Billy keeps to himself and bothers no one.

Police in Niagara Falls say they have identified the man seen slapping video, two women off camera and they believe they have identified the person filming the incident. Officers met with the District Attorney’s Office Monday afternoon and will be presenting evidence to a grand jury in the hopes of a felony indictment. Authorities say two charges apply.

Kelly J Rizzo, Chief of Detectives in Niagara Falls, said, “We have received over a hundred calls with information about the video which shows the concern our citizens have for victims like Billy. For members of the NFPD that is the silver lining to this grotesque incident.”


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