BREAKING: Disney Star Who Gave Up Acting Career To Become Green Beret Found Dead – Shocking Details Emerge

In what is sure to bring much sorrow it’s now being reported that Michael Mantenuto who was a hockey player and Disney actor has been found dead in his car this past Monday of an apparent gunshot wound to the head. He was a gifted a hockey player and had a successful career in Hollywood before deciding to leave it all in order to enlist in the United States Army.

He played hockey for the university of Maine. But as a junior in college, he transferred to the University of Massachusetts at Boston to take up Drama Studies. A few months later Disney began casting actors for a film adaptation of the 1980 U.S. hockey team’s game against Russia. Of course, he was a shoe in for the part, which he got hands down.

MIRACLE, Michael Mantenuto, Billy Schneider, Chris Koch, 2004, (c) Buena Vista/Courtesy Everett Collection

Mantenuto then kept acting for a few years. He was in movies which included the 2006 “Dirtbags” and the 2008 “Surfer, Dude.” He later started to question the movie star lifestyle and began to feel he was meant for something more. Seeing as how Hollywierd is nowadays no one can blame him. So he enlisted in the United States Army where he went on to become a Green Berret. He served our nation proudly in the 1st Special Forces Group.

This seems to be the just one of the many stories we hear about on a daily basis. Another dead American Hero thanks to our own government’s ineptitude at providing help for the very heroes who put their lives on the line so the rest of us can live in peace. Sadly war is a part of life in a violent world such as ours where we have a billion people who belong to a cult religion that promises 72 virgins to any male who kills us infidels. But this should be a lesson of us all, as a society need to be more helpful and in tune when these soldiers come back from war zones and need help adjusting to life back at home.

USA Today Reports:

“The Pentagon reported Friday that 265 active-duty servicemembers killed themselves last year, continuing a trend of unusually high suicide rates that have plagued the U.S. military for at least seven years.

The number of suicides among troops was 145 in 2001 and began a steady increase until more than doubling to 321 in 2012, the worst year in recent history for servicemembers killing themselves.

The suicide rate for the Army that year was nearly 30 suicides per 100,000 soldiers, well above the national rate of 12.5 per 100,000 for 2012.

Military suicides dropped 20% the year after that, and then held roughly steady at numbers significantly higher than during the early 2000s. The 265 suicides last year compares with 273 in 2014 and 254 in 2013. By contrast, from 2001 through 2007, suicides never exceeded 197.

“Suicide prevention remains a top priority, and the Department will continue its efforts to reduce deaths by suicide among its servicemembers,” said Marine Lt. Col. Hermes Gabrielle, a Pentagon spokeswoman. “Reducing suicide risk entails creating a climate that encourages servicemembers to seek help, reducing access to lethal means and broadening communication and awareness to servicemembers and their families.”

Among efforts by the military to combat suicide was a $50 million, long-term study by the Army that eventually produced algorithms for predicting what group of soldiers is most likely to commit suicide. The Department of Veterans Affairs has embraced the science and will soon launch a pilot program for helping its therapists concentrate efforts on those veterans with strong self-destructive tendencies.

The increase in suicide in the military was driven largely by the Army, where suicides rose sharply from 45 in 2001 to 165 in 2012. The Army reported 120 suicides last year, the same as in 2013 and down from 124 in 2014.
Data released Friday also show that suicides among reserve troops — reservists in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps and the National Guard — were 210 last year. That is an increase from 170 suicides in 2014 but down from 220 suicides in 2013.”

U.S. troops have been at war since 2001 in Afghanistan, and fought in the Iraq war from 2003 to 2011.”

Thank You for your service and may God bless You Michael Mantenuto, Rest in Peace, you will not be forgotten!

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