Disrespectful Students Burn Flag After Trump Victory… The Way the School Responds? INFURIATING [VIDEO]

What the heck do people think they’re doing in burning the American flag in response to Donald Trump’s victory? You can’t claim to be worried about our nation’s future when you’re destroying a flag that represents it.

Anti-Trump protests have broken out at the intellectual bubbles we call “college campuses” nationwide, and one particularly disgusting incident happened at Hampshire College, when a group of students decided to burn the flag right after Veteran’s Day. Prior to that, the College had lowered their flag to half-staff, as if we just suffered another 9/11.

And how did the College respond to the flag being burned? You have to read it to believe it.

As Right Wing News reported:

Adding insult to injury, the university has now banned all flags. Talk about a wrong move and then a severe over-reaction. What a bunch of pansy, Leftist asshats.

Veterans and community members were ticked to begin with when the school lowered the flag, but they were furious when the flag was burned. Once said, “It is a disrespect. That shouldn’t have happened in the first place.” I so agree. This happened the night before Veterans Day. The students should have been punished instead of removing the flags. What kind of morons run this school? Oh, I forgot… liberals.

God help us.

What world do we live in where an American University responds to the American flag being destroyed by removing the flag entirely?

We’re reaching the point where the Left’s reality is our satire. If the American flag is enough to trigger these students, how can they expect to survive in the real world? The only silver lining I can see here is that these kooks are the people that you and your children will be competing with in the job market….. so we have that going for us I get.

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