Disturbing Detail Comes Out About Man Who Murdered Two Boston Doctors After Judge Sets Him Free

Did you hear the joke about the immigrant bank robber who should have been deported, but a lousy liberal judge cut him some slack? Here’s the punchline – it’s not a joke. Here’s the next punchline – the horrible immigrant that was let loose after a brief jail sentence later went on to murder two doctors in cold blood.

Still not laughing?

The liberal judge, named Lisa Grant, knowingly kept this criminal bank robber in the country. She gave the man, named Bampumim Teixeira, a 364 day jail sentence for his previous crime. Had she given him 365 days in jail, then he would have been deported. Eventually that criminal murders two hard working, life saving, respectable doctors. Upon murdering them, he also had a shootout with police, who shot him three times and the sick individual somehow survived.

Numerous reports indicate that the West African immigrant accused of slaughtering two doctors in Boston has a rap sheet including multiple robberies and would have been deported had a judge not manipulated the system to ensure that did not happen.

According to the BBC, Bampumim Teixeira has been charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of Robert Field and Lina Bolanos, who were found in their penthouse with “a message of retribution” written on the wall.

While Lisa Grant isn’t a criminal herself, that we know of, the terrible liberal side of her allowed a violent man to remain in the country. Thanks to her liberal mental condition, her violent immigrant evaded the deportation and continued his streak of harrowing violence.

However, to make a tragic murder even worse, Teixeira should have never been free to commit the crime. Teixeira was found guilty for two counts of robbing a bank in 2014 and 2016. The liberal judge, Lisa Grant, sentenced Teixeira to 364 days in prison. If he was sentenced to 365 he would have been deported.

If an engineer designs an unsafe bridge and it collapses she is held responsible, if an Electrician incorrectly wires a house and it burns down he is held responsible. Yet, when a liberal judge lets a guilty man free for political reasons they are not held responsible when two doctors die.

Now the question many people have is should Lisa Grant be held responsible for this? Is it her fault, indirectly of course, that the violent immigrant murdered two people because she allowed him to remain in the country and continue his streak of violence?

Should she be charged with a crime? Should she lose her position of being a judge?

Other questions arise about how fast we should deport VIOLENT immigrants. If an immigrant commits a violent crime, then they should serve their sentence and then be deported immediately. If we deport them first, then is there a possibility that they don’t serve their sentence in their homeland? Could they slip out of a jail wherever they live? I don’t know, but I have no problem letting them live in solitude if they come to America and commit violent crimes.

You can’t have a liberal brain as a judge. This is what happens. You cut people slack and they smack you right back with something much worse. If this guy ran a red light or was in a mutual bar fight, then sure – pay a fine and see you later. But this man came to OUR country and robbed OUR bank and a liberal judge wants to make a political point and prevent this lame excuse for a human from being sent home to the place they ran from?

I can’t agree with that.

If an immigrant comes to America and turns into a violent career criminal, then there’s NO reason that person should be permitted to stay in our country. America needs to have higher standards for the people we allow into the country. There’s enough losers in America who we are stuck with – we don’t need anymore.

Anytime I hear the word immigration, I always wish there was a “trade” system where we could take a few hardworking immigrants and trade them for our lazy welfare women who have eight kids and refuse to get a job. Take their seven daddies with them too.

Trailer park? Ghetto? All the same to me because it comes out of my taxes and you do nothing for me while I’m the reason your lazy self has an EBT card.

This judge has a huge weight on her shoulders.

She should take her hypothetical weight, turn it into a 45lb plate, and smash the immigrant over the head with it. Finish him off so he doesn’t impregnate anyone later in life and spawn any more violent crumbs of society.

It won’t bring back the two talented doctors we lost, but it will at least let us know she accepts responsibility for her actions and wipes a dirt-bag off the planet.

Perhaps a slow burning electric chair is in that guys future.

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