Disturbing New #BlackLivesMatter Trend: Kids As Shields And Propaganda


Starting yesterday with our coverage of the unfortunately small protest outside of News Corporation’s headquarters in NYC, an unfortunate trend began and has spiraled to other cities.

Activists with #BlackLivesMatter are increasingly bringing their children to events and even designing events toward child protesters(ages 1-12).

In Lexington, Kentucky tonight, demonstrators invaded a Walmart outlet with children in tow, complete with their own signs and vile tongues about capitalism, police officers and “the system”.

In Oakland, demonstrators held a ‘Kids For Black Lives’ event in a park complete with sign making and story telling. The event even featured a small march where children were encouraged to hold onto pink satin fabric to guide them along the intended protest route across streets and intersections. All the way chanting “the system is guilty as hell” and “they shut us down, we shut shit down”.


In New York City on Friday, demonstrators arrived with a small child chanting “Fox News, liar liar pants on fire!”

When asked, the man standing next to him who identified himself as the child’s father said “So what? It’s harmless fun and my son gets to learn about activism and fighting for a cause”.


In a city as yet identified by my followers on Twitter, possibly Philadelphia, a small protest broke out in a park where parents encouraged their children to shout through bullhorns about police violence, racism and the need for a new system of governance (possibly Communism?)


Courtesy of Weasel Zippers 

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