DISTURBING: Wounded Vets Not Being Paid Disability Compensation from Veterans Affairs

wounded soldier


“Over the past decade, more than 1,000 veterans may have died as a result of VA malfeasance,” said Coburn, a three-time cancer survivor who says the government should offer veterans access to private hospitals.

“Poor management is costing the department billions of dollars more and compromising veterans’ access to medical care,” he said.





This seems to be the new trend, pushing our veterans issues under the rug while illegals are given the red carpet treatment. The people who volunteer their lives for something greater than their own should be treated like the heroes they are. But instead, a political agenda has swiftly destroyed them and their families, and many have died, more than 1000 according to Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn.


Where is the uproar? why is nothing being done to resolve these major issues? Every American should make this priority number one, and contact your local politicians demanding they take action. When we no longer have a country who takes care of our veterans, we will no longer have the greatest military force on this planet.  Never forget those who gave us this freedom today, without their sacrifices we wouldn’t be here.

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