Diversity Bigot Beyonce Shows Up To perform Super Bowl Show With All Black Dancers – Lets All Be offended (IMAGES)

Diversity champion and #BlackLivesMatter scumbag Beyonce took her stupidity to a new level when her entire dance crew came dressed like the terrorist group Black Panthers, and in addition to that, every single member out on the field was black; so much for diversity!

How can she preach diversity when the NFL gives her the world’s stage and she shows up with most diverse group, that supports a terrorist group. It would be like Kid rock showing up doing a KKK themed show. Our minds cannot grasp the level of stupidity here.  Maybe someone needs to take it to that next level to show the black community how stupid they are for supporting her.

Now let’s take a look at what diversity looked like at the Super Bowl this year!

At one point during the performance the dancers raised their arms in the air in a gesture referencing the black power salute by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the Australian Olympics

Several of the backing dancers posted this image online following their performance demanding 'justice 4 Mario Woods' a black man shot dead by police in San Francisco in December last year

The superstar had been expected to deliver a political statement during her performance of new single Formation after releasing the video yesterday which featured graffiti reading 'stop shooting us'. Above she and her dancers are pictured performing at the Super Bowl

Beyonce used her slot during the Super Bowl 50 halftime show to make a highly political point by performing with backing dancers dressed in the distinctive black berets of the Black Panthers (left)

Marks the spot: They also formed an 'X', thought to refer to Malcolm X


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