At DNC Panetta Says We Must Fight Terror; Then This Happened … (VIDEO)

So far at the Democratic National Conventtion radical Islamic terrorism and violence against law enforcement officers has been barely even mentioned. It is highly unlikely you’ll hear much about it from them at all. However, on Wednesday at the convention they brought former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta to the stage. After a short time people broke out into booing and chanting.

Watch here!

Panetta tried to gracefully get back to finishing his speech but the crowd wasn’t too pleased and rudely continued their heckling. The heckles can be heard loudly, “no more war! No more war!” Others chanted, “lies! lies.”

Here’s the full video.

I highly doubt these people have as much experience as Panetta in international relations and security. His opinions, are experience, valid, important, and should be listened to. Not ignored.

Some people took to social media to comment on what went down,

In his speech he said,

“In this election, there is only one candidate for president who has the experience, temperament and judgment to be commander-in-chief, and that is Hillary Clinton.”

He continued,

“Meanwhile, Donald Trump says he gets his foreign policy experience from watching TV and running the Miss Universe pageant. If only it were funny. It is deadly serious. Donald Trump asks our troops to commit war crimes, endorses torture, spurns allies from Europe to Asia, suggests more countries to have nuclear weapons, and praises dictators from Saddam Hussein to Vladimir Putin. We cannot put an erratic finger on our nuclear weapons. This is no time to roll the dice and gamble.”

It appears as this when Democrats hear anything they don’t agree with they act like spoiled little children and decided to heckle. Like the saying goes, if you want to piss off a Republican, lie to them, if you want to piss off a Democrat, tell them the truth.

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