Doctor Jailed For Michael Jackson’s Death Writes Explosive Tell-All; Starts With Bomb About 12-Year-Old Girls

Can we not just leave the dead to rest? Dr. Conrad Murray, who served a 2 year prison sentence after being convicted of manslaughter for Michael Jackson’s death, has written a book. In this book is an unsubstantiated report that claims a whole lot of not so pleasant things about the Prince of Pop.

All I’m saying is, he has left kids behind. Kids that are well past the ages of understanding this sort of stuff, and whether Jackson is guilty or not guilty of these claims…. WHY NOW!? He is dead, and gone off to meet his maker. Who are we to judge? At this point, the ONLY thing this book will do, is cause heartbreak for his children, and provide entertainment for people that do nothing with their lives because they are too busy being nosy about everyone else’s. That’s just my thought..


I have to report the story, so here it is. This doctor claims that Michael Jackson had a plan. If he was unable to marry his 12-year-old god-daughter, then he wanted to tie the knot with a well known British actress. One that you may know very well. Emma Watson. You should probably know, the good doctor (ew..) claimed this was at a time when she was but 11 years old.

Now, here’s the kicker. The Doctor says, it’s what the late Jackson wanted him to do. For some reason he says Jackson wanted him to share all this information with the world after his passing.

But…the dude served a 2-yr sentence for the death of Michael Jackson, so…I’m willing to bet there is bitterness and a very strong chance the guy wants to get what money he can squeezed out of his name as Michael Jackson’s killer. Afterall, he’s not a doctor any longer.

Apparently, he claims Michael Jackson’s FIRST choice was child actor Mark Lester’s daughter, Harriet, who was mentioned above as his God-daughter.

He dares to say…

“This is the story of who Michael Jackson really was,” Murray told the Mirror from his Florida home. “He wanted me to tell this story – now I am fulfilling his wish.”

HAH! Alright man, either that or some serious payback for your time in the slammer. Right?

In the book he claims that Jackson became obsessed with his friend’s daughter when she was only 5-years old, and because he himself was a good guy, he didn’t pass judgement on Jackson for the evil thought. (GAG)

“You must read the book and make those decisions for yourself,” he said.

The Doctor claims the book answers all the questions people have had. Including whether or not he would trust Michael Jackson to watch his own kids.

He is advertising this book to be an ACCURATE accounting of the last three years of Jackson’s life, and assurance that Jackson BEGGED him to write it in the event of his death.

“This is about setting the record straight. Many things have been written about Michael by people who didn’t know him or understand him or his life,” he told the Mirror.

“For just over three years, I spoke to him every day and was with him every week. He said to me: ‘I have four members of my family Conrad; you, Paris, Prince and Blanket. You are all I have.’”

I don’t know guys. Decide for yourself. As for me, I’m calling this guy out on feeding us total BS. Who tells someone to expose awful dark secrets JUST IN CASE YOU DIE? Why would he want his children to be left to such crap when he is gone and unable to help them deal with it.

Will you be getting the book?

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