The First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama is an out-of-touch elitist and hypocritical race baiter.

She is a hypocrite because she has imposed strict nutritional standards on school lunch programs nationwide, to the detriment of the students eating said lunches, while she still allows and serves junk food in the White House.

She is out of touch because she lives the high life in the White House, traveling the world on luxurious vacations, while still somehow complaining that her life is hard.

She is also a race baiter because she openly uses racist slurs and perpetuates racial stereotypes, all the while using condescending words to speak to her fellow black Americans.

Michelle Obama’s history of being a racially motivated elitist was recently uncovered by conservative author and historian Dinesh D’Souza, who shared a brief snippet fromMichelle Obama’s college thesis paper that she wrote at Princeton University.



Not only is the college thesis paper filled with grammatical and spelling errors, the very premise of the paper is steeped in racial divide, as it surveys black Princeton alumni and attempts to prove and perpetuate a racial divide between black and white students at the prestigious Ivy League school.

Michelle Obama isn’t content to just be a hypocritical, elitist, race baiter though.  She is alsoanti-American, as she blames most everything bad around the world on America and has told foreigners that American culture is “harmful” to them.

Michelle has not been a very classy first lady, a far cry from the previous first lady, Laura Bush.  Thankfully, America only has two more years to suffer under the reign of Michelle “Antoinette” Obama.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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