BOMBSHELL: These New Documents PROVE Surveillance On Donald Trump – Look Who Gave Them To Obama!

The electronic surveillance database, provided to Michael Zullo, a private investigator, by a whistle-blower back in 2013, was seemingly put together and created by the NSA. Not a far stretch, being how the Patriot Act is constantly used to spy on Americans.

It’s the NSA’s illegal and unconstitutional Project Dragnet electronic surveillance of U.S. citizens, and it’s the very same, according to reports, that has been used to spy on the Trump camp.

Investigator Zullo, along with Sheriff Arpaio, discovered that there have been over a dozen locations of surveillance which include both Trump Tower in New York City and Trumps Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, which had all started back in 2004.

Three listings of the various companies that Trump owns that have been under electronic surveillance are as followed:

Trump International
1 Central Park, NYC, NY

Trump World Tower
845 United Nations Plaza, NYC, NY
No Date

Trump Tower SAL
108 Central Park, NYC, NY

These are only 3 of the 18 listed so far…

Domestic surveillance is a big no-no, as it violates the rights of the individual, according to the Constitution…But that didn’t stop any attempts by the CIA. We know that the NSA have been spying on private citizens because were heard of the reports from the New York Times back in 2014, which showed the lengths the Central Intelligence Agency would go to gather pertinent information, as they also spied on a senate panel that had been investigating the agency’s use of “enhanced interrogation.”

It wasn’t just Trump himself who was surveilled, nope. He had numerous employees who worked Trump Tower… Neither of them was safe.

Former CIA officer Larry Johnson spoke about the surveillance operation:

According to Zullo, there was a whistleblower by the name of Dennis Montgomery who worked for the NSA as a subcontractor. This was the man that brought the information t brought forward, and it was Montgomery who claimed that it was his job to collect the information for various surveillance projects.

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