Dog The Bounty Hunter Just Caught Up With Criminal Soros And Gave Him A BRUTAL Dose Of Instant Justice

Duane Lee Chapman who to the world is more commonly known as “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” has traded in catching small-time local criminals and is now actively going after international criminals.

Dog and sidekick wife, Beth Chapman, are now going after the big dog. The reality tv show pair has been hunting down the man who has probably committed more international crimes against humanity than any other figure alive today, the international billionaire George Soros.

Soros and his son, whom he is grooming to take over once he’s gone, have used their billions to fund a multitude of malicious political endeavors and organizations who promote extreme far leftist causes from the shadows of their multiple mansions. Operating in secrecy was to keep their pattern while they leave a path of destruction and Islamization in America and the rest of the freedom loving world. And since Soros is one of the wealthiest men in the world he has been operating all these years well above the law. Until now!

He’s been doing this for decades now and is now actively going after President Donald Trump but he never expected that someone like Dog and Beth would have a huge hand in bringing him down.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Soros — a man who has long pushed for the destabilization of American and European societies through trying to ‘Muslimize Europe’, paid for anarchist protesters to be bussed into riots across the world, worked to destabilize the American political structure, and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more — typically remains in the shadows. Preferring to attempt to keep his name off the records and off the books. This is not true when it comes to one of his flagitious operations, known as the “Drug Policy Alliance”, which openly boasts of Soros on the board.

While the name of the drug policy group sounds like a positive venture of stopping the circulation of narcotics, ending the addiction epidemic, and getting addicts help with recovery, these positive ideas of improving society are not at all what Soros is funding.
With his name on the board, you can expect something evil to come out of it. Rather than ending the drug epidemic, which now claims more lives than car accidents, Soros and his sick society are wanting to perpetuate it by putting more drugs and criminals on the street.

Former Breitbart investigative Journalist Lee Stranahan has made it his mission to expose this particularly evil plan of Soros and his drug cartel society. When he found out that the alliance was holding a press conference, Stranahan and the Chapmans showed up and ruined everyone’s day in the best possible way.

The Gateway Pundit explains:

Among George Soros’ more openly nefarious plans, he is attempting to first push for the widespread use of drugs on American streets; the second part of his plan involves the release of all drug addicts from prison leading to wide spread panic and chaos. And They don’t even pretend to hide this objective.

Beth Chapman and Dog The Bounty Hunter confronted Roseanne Scotti, Senior Director of Drug Policy Alliance after Scotti broke into a private press conference concerning drug policy and lured some of the press over to a corner. Once confronted by the Chapmans, Scotti proceeded to RUN from answering any questions.

The best part of publicly calling them out on their twisted game was that Stranahan caught part of the confrontation on tape. The coverage of the encounter included when Scotti ran away like a coward trying to hide the dirty work she was doing for Soros, with Dog and Beth chasing her.

While holding a press conference in order to change the current political narrative where they convince society as a whole that drugs abuse is just a disease and should be treated as one, Scotti was suddenly silent when she saw the bounty hunters there and abruptly walked away. Since Beth didn’t get a chance to ask her questions the Gateway Pundit spoke with Chapman after to find out what she would have said had Scotti not run away from them like the criminal she is.

“I wanted to ask if SHE had ever done drugs, if she had ever had a problem with drugs, have she had ever been strung out on drugs to the point you could barely function in society. And if she said no, if she hasn’t had that experience then why would she be talking like she is. People seem to forget that Duane [“Dog” Chapman] and I have been dealing with these people [d[drug addicts]n a day to day basis. We know who should get out and who shouldn’t get out of prison,” Beth told the outlet.

Beth explained why this “drug policy” is so profitable for Soros and his cronies and why they are hell-bent on getting into this “game.” It could be the billionaires biggest worst plan yet to gain total control of the country, especially when combined with the other evil conquests he has in action.

“They’re running a scam to push for pre-trial release and steal more tax payer money. But it’s not even a problem of it just ‘not working’ they are directly trying to aide and abed, and increase, the criminal element that exists on our streets right now. They’re trying to achieve this by pushing that narrative that doing drugs is a ‘disease’ – it is not a disease. The good hardworking people of America know that these are not diseases, they are choices, and continued bad choices result in addiction… depending on the class of substance, which is heroin and opiates.”

Treating the drug issue as a disease rather than a crime issue will make our streets less safe and increase theft. If it was just a disease people wouldn’t cheat and steal to get their “Fix.” When is the last time you heard of a diabetic mugging someone to get money to buy insulin.

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