Dolphins Vow To Kneel For Anthem, Police Union Replies With Vow Of Its Own

NFL spirals even further into the gutter after the Miami Dolphins announce that they will be joining in on the Kaepernick roadshow of disrespecting, ungrateful, and entitled MULTI-MILLIONS-DOLLAR idiot athletes.

This time though…there will be consequences for their stupidity. Just as they made the announcement, the police union also had one of theirs’ to make, and you might like this. Like…a lot.

The Dolphin players who are sitting out during the “Star-Spangled Banner” believe that their butt to chair crap is going to help the black community. Of course, using their multi-millions to help make the community better isn’t their idea of helping…no, that would be too much for them to commit to. So instead, they take easiest more INEFFECTIVE choice…because they are selfish a-holes like that.

…yet the ‘black community’ they are “helping” adores them for it. Really?

It’s insanity really. Their dishonorable Black Lives Matter protest is against the very men and women who are willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING, and have proven it time and time again when they HAVE.

It’s sick.

Of course, many are not taking a stand for something they believe in but taking a stand to try and stay relevant. Just like Colin Kaepernick, his career was deteriorating…and he needed something. However, what they probably don’t get yet…is in this case, not even BAD publicity is going to be good for them. Not when it involves hatred towards our heroes.

That’s just bad form…

So now, guess what? Since the Dolphin players have confirmed that they will continue kneeling during the National Anthem, the police union has responded with their own announcement.

They are calling for Broward County Sheriff’s Office to stop providing police escorts for the ungrateful, selfish, and wretched team.

Association president Jeff Bell announced on the union’s Facebook page that they have contacted the executive board not only to condemn the anti-police, pro-BLM actions of the Dolphins but also to request that they cease attending events in which they’re unwanted.

“We have buried coworkers who have unnecessarily lost their lives protecting the lives of individuals. Some law enforcement officers even lost their lives while protecting the lives of the very same individuals who were protesting against law enforcement. The Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association Local 6020 is seeking the immediate termination of all Miami Dolphin escorts until such time the Miami Dolphins and the National Football League set forth a policy that will not tolerate the disrespect of the American Flag and National Anthem during any sanctioned games or events.”

Of course the police union understands that it is the right of these entitled morons to choose to disrespect the flag, and country that allows them to live out their dreams…but it is also the right of the police officers to decide that they won’t provide optional security to those who don’t want them there and wish them harm because of ignorance.

How hypocritical right? I’m embarrassed really. The world is definitely rooting for America to win, because if we don’t…they don’t either. However, I’m sure they are watching in on what is happening here…and shaking their heads. We are no longer a leading nation…that others can look to and respect. Not with that idiot President in the White House that only knows how to lead from behind, divide a people, and cause chaos among brothers and sisters.

He is no leader…look at the garbage that is going on now.

Of course, the 4 Miami players who refused to stand for the anthem immediately attempted to downplay their disrespect after word surfaced that the sheriff’s office may boycott their events. According to the Daily Dolphin, Jelani Jenkins provided an absurdly hypocritical response, saying that he wasn’t insulting law enforcement or the military.

“Most important, man, I just want equal rights for everybody,” Jenkins said Sunday. “Hopefully we’re raising awareness and pushing for change. I want it to be known that it’s no disrespect to the military or to police officers. And 9/11, I respect everything about it. My perspective is that there are people hurting. It means a lot to me to not be quiet about it.”

So minorities in America don’t have equal rights? Well if that were true, I myself would not even exist.

My parents immigrated to America with nothing but their hard work ethic, and hope for better days in a free land.

Now they are living their dreams that were awarded to them by this free country through their sheer will power and hard work. Also, raising up 3 great Police Officers to serve and protect in their communities and me… who chooses to follow in their footsteps in teaching my children to be grateful and have love for country and respect and honor for our heroes.

So… these fools, can take a seat. Their message is redundant.

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