Don King Uses N-Word Introducing Trump, Liberals Freak Out! WATCH!

Remember when Don King endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008? He said some extremely offensive things and yet the press praised him to stray from the Republican Party to support Obama. And what offensive thing did he say that was no big deal?

USA Today in 2008 reported that King said he realizes some Americans can’t fathom voting for a black man but told them to “ask God to help you pretend that Barack Obama is white” when they step into the voting booth.

REALLY? It is obvious that Don King has no filters and says just whatever comes to his head. Now, he has endorsed Donald Trump and he’s made a little faux paux that have got the liberal press all bent out of shape. During an introduction to Trump, Don King said the word n**!#* and people are all bent out of shape. Okay, let’s back up… will you name 1 just 1 black supporter of Hillary Clinton who is famous who has never said the word N!*#@*? You can’t can you. You can’t even name 1 black President of the United States who has never used the word N!*#@*. That’s because if you are black (or so I’ve heard) it’s perfectly acceptable to use whenever and for whatever you like.

I’ll be driving down the street and that car next to me is playing their music so loud that the base is shaking the windows and I hear the word N!*#@* over and over and truly it turns my stomach because I personally don’t like the word. It’s a taboo word in my brain right up there with F*!#*. They both make my eyes bulge and stomach twist. I think they are disrespectful and LAZY uses of the English language. BUT, BUT I don’t sit there and glare at the person in the car next to me listening to the filthy music, it’s their right. And people of color seem to have claimed the right to use the N-word when they deem fit. So why can’t Don King the man without a filter? Well, because the left is trying to find something, anything to paint Trump as a racist. Wow… they are a sorry bunch of investigative reporters and scraping the bottom of the barrel. LAME, just lame.

Here are the sad liberal tweets about it:

Many jumped to his defense

King went on to say to vote for Trump to give government back to the people.

And also that white women should Support Trump to “knock out the system” that denied them and slaves the right to vote.

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