Donald And Melania Trump Drop HUGE Announcement About Their Family Nobody Saw Coming

Just when life for the Trumps seemed to be at the pinnacle of success, the First Couple shocked with an announcement they just dropped that nobody was expecting. Now, they have reason to celebrate that has taken everyone by complete surprise, especially their detractors who want nothing but the worst for them.

Nothing could compare to the surreal feeling of being celebrated as America’s 45th president on Inauguration Day, but that’s not what the Trumps are celebrating today. Just 24-hours after being sworn into office, the couple came out with some news about their family that conservatives are excited about, but liberals are fuming over.

It’s been a big week for President Trump who was given the keys of control over our country on Friday but that wasn’t his only big event of the weekend. First Lady Melania was by his side through the momentous few days that will go down in history, which also happened to be the same weekend the couple celebrated 12 years of marriage — against all perceived odds about their commitment to each other made over a decade ago.

This isn’t the president’s first marriage but will likely be the last, as the pair seem stronger together than ever, disproving that Donald only made Melania his bride because of her beauty. After getting engaged in 2005, Trump said; “We literally have never had an argument, forget about the word ‘fight’ … We just are very compatible. We get along.” Those weren’t just words to disprove the claims against they’re marriage as being superficial since 12 years later, Melania has been his rock and supported him through all of his business endeavors and a victorious run for the White House.

There’s an unbelievable amount of stress that a campaign can have on a relationship, but instead of wearing them down and dividing them, it brought this true power couple closer together than ever before. Not only do they have his presidency to celebrate together, in the same weekend, they also get to recognize 12 years together that disproves their detractors who probably didn’t think they’d last longer than 12 months. Nothing could be a better anniversary gift than to be given the title of First Lady and President of the United States.

h/t: [MyPalmBeachPost]

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