Donald Rumsfeld Sends SHOCK WAVES Through GOP With HUGE Announcement

Former George W. Bush defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld has pledged his support to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. He has broken ranks from other high profile foreign policy experts who have refused to endorse and joined prominent Republicans such as Paul Ryan, Mike Huckabee, Dick Cheney and Chris Christie who have.

It was on Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren’s Wednesday show that Rumsfeld announced his endorsement stating he would clearly vote for Trump. He emphasized that their would be no reason not to. Also, he said that Senator Bernie Sanders would potentially endorse Trump because of the two candidates similarities as Washington outsiders.

He said,

“There is something happening that those two people could draw 25,000 human beings to hear them speak, and I think that we ought to give some credence to that and understand that that’s real.”

Rumsfeld accused the media of unfairly portraying Trump’s comments and opinions on NATO on other countries ability to pay their fair share.

His exact words,

“I had a staff person go back and tell me precisely what (Trump) did say about NATO and then I compared it with what the media and his opponents are saying he said about NATO and there’s a difference.”

It is no surprise the media would blatantly misrepresent Trump’s words. They have unfairly reported on his campaign from the very beginning. But what they fail to understand is the more they attack him the more loyal his supporters become. The joke is on the liberal media that is shackled forever to the Obama administration and its pions.

It is nice to know Donald Rumsfeld has joined the rest of the Republican Party and American people instead of being guilted by the liberal media and the establishment of the party into not endorsing. Welcome to the party Mr. Rumsfeld.


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