Trump Calls For Profiling Muslims, Cites Perfect Example

Donald Trump had a phone interview with John Dickerson of CBS’ “Face the Nation” this past Sunday. The presumptive Republican nominee said that the United States should begin to consider profiling Muslims as a result of the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida.

He said,

I think profiling is something that we’re going to have to start thinking about as a country. Other countries do it. You look at Israel and you look at others and they do it and they do it successfully. You know, I hate the concept of profiling, but we have to start using common sense and we have to use our heads.”

Profiling is something Trump has been consistent with since the beginning. At the beginning of his campaign he received widespread pushback for saying the United States should put a halt on admitting Muslims into the country and place a temporary ban on their immigration.

Hillary Clinton’s response,

This approach isn’t just wrong. It is dangerous.”

Attorney General Loretta Lynch staunchly disagrees with Trump emphasizing that maintaining contacts within the Muslim community is important. She told CNN’s Dana Bash,

if they’re from that community and they’re being radicalized, their friends and family members will see it first. We investigate these cases aggressively, no stone is left unturned. There is no backing away from an issue, there is no backing away from an interview because of anyone’s background. Because for us, the source of information is very, very important.”

Despite the liberal backlash profiling has worked in the past. In a 2010 op-Ed in Israel correspondent Haanshel Pfeffer wrote about the problems faced by Muslims who had to face different types of airport screening than passengers who were of Jewish heritage.

The op-ed is honestly blunt,

“In Israel though, there is no question whatsoever. It all happens quite openly. If you have a Hebrew name and ‘look Jewish,’ the security screening will be swift and painless. If your name is a bit less obviously Israeli, then there are some other key questions.”

Regardless of the unfairness and injustice of it all the author admits it works,

“Racial profiling seems to work. Since the 1972 Lod Airport massacre, in which 26 people were murdered, there have been no successful attacks on Israeli air-traffic and almost all the attempts that did take place were carried out on foreign soil.”

The far left and its supporters decry racial profiling as racist yet it works. President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the like detest even so much as the though of it. But if it works, then why not use it?! Instead should we continue to allow innocent Americans to be ruthlessly and senselessly murdered by people who aren’t even our own citizens? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Profiling works, so let’s not change it.

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