Donald Trump Challenges Hillary Clinton To Drug Test Before Next Debate! Hillary Dodges…

Looks like Trump maybe onto something. It sure came out of left field, but still on to something. Donald Trump has come forward with a challenge for Hillary, or rather… a dare.

He has for weeks mentioned how he doesn’t believe she is fit mentally or physically to be the President of the United States. Now he has provided an opportunity for Hillary to prove it…by taking a drug test before their next election.

However, her doing so if highly unlikely. This is how certain many Americans are that she is in fact, not well. At least not doing as well as she is claiming to be doing.

There is also, always the chance the drug test results would be tweaked to reflect exactly what Hillary wants them to reflect… why would they be handled any different then the rest of her run for President. She’s a cheat and a liar.

Trump was speaking at a New Hampshire outdoor rally when he issued this extraordinary suggestion for Hillary. He followed up by comparing himself and Hillary to athletes and figured Hillary for being on some kind of performance-enhancing drug during their last debate, due to her odd behavior after the first half of the debate was over and she seemed to lose all focus and strength.

‘I think she’s actually getting pumped up’ while she’s off the trail, he said.

There he is, calling for both him and Hillary Clinton to take a drug test prior to their FINAL debate that takes place this Wednesday. (You going to watch it?)

Trump says they are both like athletes…

This could be true.

There is still isn’t much of a chance that Hillary would be taking any sort of drug test anytime soon though. She knows she can’t.

I mean not when she’s on drugs for pneumonia and stuff right?


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