Donald Trump Jr. Rocks The RNC By Delivering One Of The Best Speeches Of The Night (VIDEO)

I am certain that after last night, Donald Trump is EXTRA proud of his son, Trump Jr, for setting the bar high. Last night he delivered a powerful speech that moved the audience and sent patriotic chills throughout the audience!

This must be something that runs in the family, and this is a good thing. Donald Trump JR, is a 38-yr old, father of FIVE, and he addressed the nation with such class, all Americans need to hear it.

He sounded like an actual Republican, or like a Republican SHOULD sound. Speaking eloquently about school choice and limited government really hit home with the audience. He also went on to emphasize the importance of the judiciary and having the utmost respect and honor for our Constitution.

Brilliantly he was able to acknowledge the immense privilege he and his siblings grew up with, without being obnoxious, by flaunting or apologizing for it.

To be real honest, I wasn’t a Trump hater, nor was I a Trump absolute…however, after watching this speech and being able to discern of it’s truth, I am mind blown. I believe he truly articulated perhaps the absolute BEST case on behalf of his Father. His speech spoke to the true American, through and through.

If you haven’t heard his speech, here you go. You must watch this.

There is no doubt that Trump Jr believed in the words he was saying. That alone, means everything. He had focused passion, and spoke like an ACTUAL conservative. Absolutely, NAILED IT!

In fact, after hearing this speech, I’m thinking… I’d cast a vote for him if he ever decided to run for something.

When he spoke about how his Father raised him, I understood. When he spoke about how his Dad valued the men and women who had good work ethic over those with MBAs and that Trump had his children mentored by people with COMMON SENSE… it truly spoke to me.

Well done Trump Jr… with your ability to communicate, and your Dad’s brilliance, I’m now feeling like hope has been restored.

..and it seems that I am not alone.

Best speech of the convention so far is Trump Jnr. Very good. They have a Republican in the family! #RNCinCLE

— Tim Stanley (@timothy_stanley) July 20, 2016

Trump, Jr. should run for office. He sounds like someone I could vote for, unlike his father.

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) July 20, 2016

Don Jr. speech more orthodox Republican than most anything his Dad has said over last year

— Rich Lowry (@RichLowry) July 20, 2016

I’d have to say though…my absolute favorite part of his speech?

“Let me tell you something about risk. If Hillary Clinton were elected. She’d be the first President, who couldn’t pass a basic background check.”

Hear that? Sounds like the mic dropping…. time to walk away.

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