Donald Trump Makes Chilling Prophecy About Islam in America [VIDEO]


Real Estate mogul and uber-capitalist Donald Trump might be running for President in 2016.  He thinks he can do a better job than President Obama, whom he calls an “embarrassment” and a “liar.”

He has been especially critical of Obama over his response to Ebola, the border crisis, and the “Muslim problem” created by radical Islamic jihadis.

According to the Daily Caller, it was the radical Islamic jihadis that Trump was focused on during his weekly Monday morning appearance on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, in which he warned that America will likely soon see jihadist attacks similar to what just occurred inSydney, Australia.

“You look at those images, that could happen anywhere,” said Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy, “You live on Fifth Avenue here in New York City. There’s a Lindt chocolate shop close to your house.”

“Maybe that will be next,” replied Trump. “And the fact is they no longer respect this part of the world, our world. They no longer respect it. They see what’s happened. They see what they get away it, and they just don’t have respect.”

“And it will happen in this country,” he predicted, “and it’ll happen more and more and throughout the world. A lot of it is a lack of respect, and they certainly don’t have that.”

Trump is mostly right that it will happen in this country, except that he is a little late.

Radicalized Islamic jihadis have already launched lone attacks within the United States.

Just recently we witnessed the hatchet attack in New York, which followed on the heels of abeheading in Oklahoma.

There have been several other “lone jihadist” attacks that should have been categorized as terrorist acts, but were covered up and deliberately miscategorized by progressive liberals in the government and the media, who have an agenda to push.

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