HE’S OUT! Donald Trump Just STORMED OFF When He Saw What Mike Pence Handed Him!

President Trump ran on a number of incredibly common sense promises that gave a lot of hope to the middle class. His plan to make America great again seems to be made up of ways to return us to policies that pre-date this trend of being a doormat.

To say that the President has had some unorthodox ways of doing things would be an understatement, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The alt-left have been coming up with more and more ways to try and manipulate people, and specifically other politicians into doing what supports their agenda. This is done through the shoving of political correctness down our throats, the redefinition of words and a general shift in consciousness of what is right and wrong. They forget, however, that President Trump isn’t a politician; he’s a businessman.

These unspoken rules of conduct that many feel bound to are all taken with a grain of salt by our newly minted Commander in Chief, which means it’s much harder to box him in. That was the case with executive orders that he was slated to sign covering trade between the U.S. and other countries. The President left the room, without signing the orders, and we don’t exactly know why. Here is some of what he said before he left:

Via Daily Mail:

“They’re cheaters!’ Trump said of importers his administration will target. “From now on those that break the rules will face the consequences, and there will be very severe consequences.”We’re gonna get this thing straightened out. We’re gonna get these bad deals

“We’re gonna get this thing straightened out. We’re gonna get these bad deals straightened out. . .”

Pointing to his economic team, Trump declared: “This combination over here can’t be beaten.”

We’re told that he did later sign the orders, but we don’t actually know why he didn’t sign at the time. Maybe he forgot, maybe had already mentally checked it off his to-do list, maybe they all forgot pens, I don’t know. But it really didn’t look like he was being reminded of anything he forgot when his VP asked him about it.

If we’ve learned anything from the recent wiretap scandal, it’s that sometimes the President knows things before we do. I know, shocking that somebody would be bold enough to dare to have information they don’t share, but it is kind of his job. It’s also his job to double and triple check that every move he makes on behalf of the American people is the best possible move to keep us safe and make our nation prosper. Thank goodness we have a leader that is more worried about doing what’s right, than what the cameras think of him. And if our President thought it was in our best interest to take a second look at that order before he signed it, or have lawyers hash something new out before it became the law of the land, that is A-OK with me.

(Source: Daily Mail UK)

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