Donald Trump Posts Video From Cockpit On Trump Force One And Everyone Immediately Notices What’s Very Different

The left has been attacking the Trump family for months now. The attacks have become such a common occurrence that it now borders on harassment. Even though the Trump family has done nothing to warrant such treatment, the left continues to disrespect them. I mean could you imagine if conservatives disrespected the Obama’s just for the sake of being disrespectful? The left would have called for jail time and stiff fines for it, right?

The Trump family has shown to everyone how truly family oriented they are, and the left cannot stand it. Donald Trump Jr. recently posted a video of his kids in the cockpit of Trump Force One, of course, the left lost their minds.

Here is the video that was posted. Can you see what would have the left up in arms?

If you have common sense you probably didn’t see anything wrong with this cute video. Well, the left did and hold on to your hats cause it is absurd. These leftists pansies complaining that they didn’t FAA regulations and a myriad of other reasons.

The left cannot stand the First Family and rail against them every chance they get. Liberals cannot stand that family always comes first for the Trump’s, and that is truly a commendable quality.

So, let’s compare this to the previous administration, ok? The Obama’s used the Secret Service as glorified babysitters for their children, and the left never complained. That is not me being cruel either but was well documented throughout the presidency.

The Secret Service taught Malia to drive, and then there was Malia’s wild night of twerking and drinking, and Sasha’s trip to Miami Beach earlier this year. Guess what? The Secret Service was there every step of the way. However, the Trump’s are involved with their kids and that is wrong now? Which one is it libs?

This just proves how petty the left is and how they cannot stand a good family. I am grateful that we have a family in the White House that truly encompasses family values.

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