WATCH: Donald Trump Delivers A DEVASTATING Speech DESTROYING Hillary Clinton, Media And More…

Donald Trump gave a campaign speech in which he eviscerated Hillary Clinton and laid out his plans for a White House presidency. He gave it at Roanoke University in Virginia.

He started off by saying that a Rasmussen poll has the Trump campaign beating Hillary Clinton by five percent. He focused on what he hopes for the future. Stating that when he wins the White House he will focus on tackling big media, big business, and the establishment.

Mentioning his economic agenda he said it can be summed up with jobs, jobs, jobs. It is all about job creation. As well as cutting taxes for all middle and working class people and families in the United States. Then he turned to other issues noting home grown energy policies and the intention of repealing and replacing Obamacare. The audience went wild in applause for that one.

Trump talked about ending what he calls the one sided rules that govern NAFTA, the World Trade Organization, and NATO. He argued it has led to the massive and chronic trade deficit the country faces and has shipped jobs overseas to non Americans. As well as taken money out of the hand of hard working Americans.

That is when he decided to rip Hillary Clinton a new one. He mentioned that she is the voice of global special interests as seen by how much they fund her campaigns. Trump brought up how Hillary Clinton touts her record of advocating for women and children but brought up the fact that millions of women and children are still living in poverty now. Arguing that she has been working for years and has done nothing. He even blamed Hillary Clinton and President Obama for increasing the levels of terrorism all over the world, specifically he mentions 30 countries.

He is definitely correct on those ones.

Watch the entire speech here,

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