(Conservative Tribune) On Saturday’s Justice with Judge Jeanine on Fox News, Judge Jeanine Pirro used her customary “Opening Statement” to lambast President Obama over the way his administration has been handling the Ebola virus crisis, according to Breitbart.

She said that it is Obama’s job to protect Americans, not necessarily people in other countries, and she thinks that Obama has been failing at that fundamental responsibility by not instituting travel restrictions on people coming out of the Ebola-affected region of West Africa.

“A travel ban though would have a negative political and economic consequences to Liberia. I don’t know how to break this to you, Mr. President, but we Americans elected you. You are the President of the United States, not the president of the world. So, when American lives are on the line, political and economic consequences to other countries be damned, and don’t give me that, ‘we don’t want to panic people’ line. That’s not an excuse to lie to us. And by the way, other than you, who is panicking? I’m not seeing anybody jumping off a building or a bridge over Ebola,” she declared.

She also had harsh words for CDC Director Tom Frieden, sarcastically calling him a “genius” that flies by the seat of his pants, and criticizing his illogical position that quarantining Ebola in West Africa would somehow make it harder to deal with it.

She asks, “now, does that mean that not only should we continue to bring 1,000 people a week from the hot zone, but we should load up the whole region and bring them all here so we can stop the epidemic in Africa? Do you really think we’re that stupid?”

The judge also blasted Obama for once again making excuses and passing blame about a “breach in protocol” for the spread of Ebola to two nurses who cared for the infected Liberian man in Dallas, saying, “a breach in protocol is when you say that the risk is very low. A breach in protocol is when you blame a healthcare worker. A breach in protocol is when you ignore the advice of doctors working for decades with the Ebola virus. A breach in protocol is when you lead us to believe that your protocol, already proven inadequate, will protect us.”

Obama has also failed to hold any of his cronies accountable for their failures in dealing with Ebola and has placed a partisan political hack in charge of his administration’s Ebola response, instead of someone who actually has medical experience and knows what to do to combat a deadly virus such as Ebola.

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