Don’t Mess With Sheriff Clarke. Drunk Thug Harasses Sheriff Clarke Over Trump, Pays The Price (VIDEO)

You’d think that someone who hates Sheriff David Clarke would at least bring facts to the table when attempting to confront the man. If you’re going to try to confront the man, you could at least attempt to not annoy anyone else in the process.

That wasn’t the case for Preston Bluntson, who decided to get belligerently drunk on an airplane and harass Sheriff Clarke tens of thousands of feet in the air. I’m sure the passengers crammed together in coach were thrilled to have to listen to the disruption while trying to get through their flight.

He repeatedly called Sheriff Clarke the n-word (Bluntson is also black), apparently angry over Clarke’s unabashedly pro-police and anti-BLM stance. I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now that those who oppose police the most tend to be those who get themselves into the most amount of trouble, and now Bluntson is getting his day in court.

As TD Newswire reports:

According to the Milwaukee Journal Preston was arrested on Saturday for harassing Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. throughout a two-hour flight from Milwaukee to Charlotte, N.C. on American airlines.  He was charged with intoxication and disruptive behavior for yelling and antagonizing sheriff Clarke during the flight.
Sheriff Clarke is a outspoken supporter of Donald Trump and a critic  Black Lives Matters, Hillary Clinton and the George Soros agenda threatening to ruin our country.  He was traveling to New Hamphire where is was the featured guest at the  Cheshire County Annual Republican Shoot on Sunday as part of his campaign efforts for Donald Trump. 

The plane was a small craft with just 12 rows.  An unnamed passenger said“The guy was very abusive…  Probably the last 20 minutes it really escalated and focused on Clarke.”  “In all my years flying, I’ve never seen anything like it,” said the passenger.  “The sheriff handled himself extremely well. It could have gotten a lot worse because the guy was not backing down.”

 Sheriff Clarke kept calm through the whole ordeal just telling Bluntson one time to “shut up”. Then at the end of the flight Sheriff Clarke the intoxicated man down until the Charlotte police arrived to take him away.
There haven’t been any mentions about the incident on social media, and that’s likely because Clarke didn’t see the drunk as only attacking him.

In an email to over the weekend, Clarke clarified that the passenger was also bothering passengers other than him: “It wasn’t toward me, he was harassing other passengers and flight crew the entire 2 hour flight.” He continued “If it had been directed at me I would have kicked his ass.”

Well, that should serve as a warning to the next person who attempts to harass the man. The man is nearly forty-years my senior, and I wouldn’t take that risk…

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