Double Amputee Unleashes HELL On Libs Crying Over Trump’s MOAB Bomb That ‘Senselessly Killed Terrorists’

President Trump has been showing the world exactly who’s boss this last week, starting off with doing air strikes in Syria. But the even bigger surprise came on Thursday, when a we dropped the “mother of all bombs,” officially known as a Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB), onto a system of tunnels and caves used by ISIS forces in northern Afghanistan.

Despite the bomb’s massive success in taking out 36 ISIS terrorists, liberals wasted no time getting in a cry fest over the “senseless killing,” leaving many of us wanting to start throat-punching these idiots. But right after their ridiculous rambling on twitter began, one fed up veteran who lost both legs in Afghanistan quickly lashed back, leaving many of these idiots absolutely speechless.

Here’s a few of the most ridiculous tweets following the bombing on Thursday, where the bleeding heart liberals took to twitter to lament over dead terrorists:

As their insane bitching about dead terrorists reached a fever pitch, double amputee war veteran Johnny Joey Jones had finally had enough, and decided to fire back and their rhetoric in several tweets that are now going viral.

Johnny Joey Jones

He explains that he lost his legs because Obama refused to take out our enemies by using the tools that we had all along. Rather than using powerful bombs to take out ISIS when it was still a small faction, he says that Obama chose to take the more politically correct path, which in the end cost him his legs as well as countless America lives.

Jones said that he wished he was still able to serve in the military where this political correctness nonsense no longer exists. Of course liberals were quick to attack him over his opinion, where Jones further defended his original point by going into further detail about what happened to him in Afghanistan.

“We begged to use bombs in the mindfield ghost town I lost my legs clearing. But by all means continue your rhetorically righteous tweeting,” he blasted out. 

This just proves once again how truly out of touch liberals are. Why in the hell would these people feel sympathy for ISIS terrorists…the very same people who are hacking, beheading, and slaughtering their way across the Middle East? As for Obama refusing to do airstrikes on these vermin, most of us realize at this point whose side Obama was on all along, considering that he was the one who created ISIS, through his and Hillary Clinton’s gun-running scheme in Libya.

It’s so great to finally have a president who is dead serious about removing these vermin off the face of the earth. We are quickly realizing that Trump’s continual promise on the campaign trail to “make America safe again,” and “make America great again” were not said in vain.

Just for fun, here’s some more facts about the bomb that took out so many scumbags yesterday via CNN:

It’s huge

The bomb is 30 feet long, weighs 21,600 pounds and is packed with 18,000 pounds of explosives. It’s also around 40% more powerful than its predecessor, the Vietnam-era Daisy Cutter, which was dropped on the Tora Bora cave complex where Osama Bin Laden was known to be hiding in 2001.
The weapon’s explosive yield is a fraction of a nuclear weapon, but it still packs a devastating punch.

It’s never been used in combat

Before Thursday, the MOAB’s impact had only been felt in controlled tests.
The bomb was developed as an Air Force Research Laboratory technology project in 2002 for use in Iraq and was first tested at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida in 2003.
Air Force officials at the time reported that the blast had sent a cloud of dust 10,000 feet into the air and generated a fire blast several hundred yards wide. A huge mushroom cloud could be seen from 20 miles away.

It was used to target tunnels

The target was ISIS tunnels and caves deep in a remote, mountainous area of Afghanistan.
“In this area, mountains and caves, you want something that can get a blast effect into the caves and tunnels,” CNN military analyst Rick Francona said on “Inside Politics” on Thursday.
“And this is the weapon to do that, the overpressure from the weapon will send shock waves through the tunnel systems and that will kill almost everybody in there within a certain range.”
That is why you use this weapon … it will set off a huge blast, it will feel like a nuclear weapon to anyone near the area,” he said.

It’s accurate and powerful

Despite the huge power of the MOAB, it is a smart bomb with wings and grid fins for guidance, and usually explodes mere feet from the ground, an Eglin Air Force Base spokesman said after the test in 2003.
The MOAB is a thermobaric bomb — meaning it generates both heat and pressure — and it’s not the largest weapon of its kind.
In 2007, Russia announced that it developed a thermobaric bomb known as FOAB — the father of all bombs — which is claimed to be four times larger than the MOAB.

It’s a show of strength

While US weapons tests are generally not televised, the very public testing of the MOAB in 2003 was a direct show of strength to Saddam Hussein and Iraqi forces. “The goal is to have the pressure be so great that Saddam Hussein cooperates,” said former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in March 2003.
The MOAB was selected for its ability to generate “overpressure” — a particularly effective method of targeting underground tunnel systems.
“As ISIS-K’s losses have mounted, they are using IEDs, bunkers and tunnels to thicken their defense,” said Gen John Nicholson, commander of the US forces in Afghanistan, in a statement shortly after the strike. “This is the right munition to reduce these obstacles and maintain the momentum of our offensive against ISIS-K,” he said, referring to the ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan.
The MOAB had secretly been stationed in the country for “some time,” according to CNN’s Barbara Starr.



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