Drama Queen Ann Coulter Goes Nuclear On Cruz, Calls Him ‘Little Bitch’ On Live Report (VIDEO)

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter called out Ted Cruz after his Republican National Convention speech. It took place in Cleveland, Ohio. He refused to endorse Donald Trump and was booed while on stage. She labeled him “a little bitch.”

On CNBC she commented that other candidates like Marco Rubio were able to endorse Donald Trump after they had lost. While Cruz clearly didn’t because he was still struggling with losing the Republican nomination.

She said,

“Rubio comes out and, tepid as it may be, he does endorse Donald Trump. It’s Cruz who is a little bitch who can’t get over it.”

She certainly wasn’t holding back any of her feelings.

She went on,

“Oh my gosh, that’s the only thing I wish I had been in the hall for. It’s like professional wrestling. It’s amazing that he does not have people around him to tell him, ‘Ted, maybe you shouldn’t be committing suicide live on national TV.’”

She didn’t stop their,

“You would think it would occur to him. Every place I’ve ever been, everyone has hated me. My only shot is to tie my wagon to Donald Trump. Maybe I can be attorney general or solicitor general.’ And no. Rubio comes out and, as tepid as it may be, he does endorse Donald Trump. It’s Cruz who is the little bitch who can’t get over it.”

While it certainly was a disappointment for some Republican’s, to call him a little bitch for not endorsing seems way far over the line. The media has been bullying Cruz and other former candidates into endorsing Trump. Simply because he is the Republican nominee. Their is still a significant portion of Republican’s who don’t like Trump. Cruz represents that. Calling him names is not only incredibly childish and immature it simply shows how out of touch Coulter is.

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