Thoughtless Driver Blocks A Hydrant, Then Firefighter Teaches Him A Lesson (VIDEO)

OH SNAP! Here’s a photo that has picked up again after going VIRAL back in 2013 because of something the City of Merced Fire Department was forced to do.

Not because they had successfully put out a fire but because what they had to do in order to be able to put out the fire. A necessary action they are forced to take when someone has parked their car illegally in front of a fire hydrant.

It’s called the “hosing” technique.

This moron driver blocked a fire hydrant right in front of a business leaving his car to be a threat to lives, without a moment of thought to the consequences.

Of course, lo and behold….what happened? A fire breaks out. RIGHT across the street from where the hydrant stood. Again…MORON!

The Deputy Chief of the department was busy at work when he heard a glass shatter. To his surprise he turned around and there saw his Engineer with his hydrant wrench smashing the car windows.

“He just took his hydrant wrench and took out the driver’s side, walked over took out the passenger side,” he told CNN.

Lawfully of course. It is crucial for firefighters to keep the hose straight, because just one minor kink could cut the water supply right in half and put lives at risk in just seconds.

It does not matter what kind of car it is or who the care belongs to. It will be smashed in order for lives to be saved and fires to be put out.

Alright, so now you know.

Learn from this idiot… do not block in front of hydrants.

Or you will be nothing but the butt of the fire department’s joke, and have to pay a deductible for it…. along with a ticket for breaking the law!

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