JUST IN: Driver Rams Traffic At 100 MPH “In The Name Of Allah”

Scott Alcala believes that he is the victim of a terrorist attack. A terrorist attack can be defined as a surprise attack involving the deliberate use of violence against civilians in the hope of attaining political or religious aims. Listen to his story and you decide if this attack was use of violence for religious purposes.

Mr. Alcala was headed to the golf course for a game with his dad. He was driving down the road in Fresno when he suddenly saw a car headed straight toward him. That car was bring driven by Ameer Fakhraldin and he was driving about 100 mph (although Fakhraldin estimated his speed at 200 mph). Fakhraldin had t-boned Alcala WITHOUT putting on the brakes. On the scene was an off-duty officer who wanted to make sure each driver was okay mentioning to Fakhraldin that he was driving too fast. HERE is Fakhraldin’s response:

Alcala said, “The off-duty police officer went to talk to the other driver in his vehicle and he said, ‘Are you alright? That was way too fast,’ and (the driver) said ‘I didn’t it on purpose. It was in the name of Allah.'”

The police report says driver Ameer Abbaf Fakhraldin told police the collision was caused by Donald Trump’s improper treatment of minorities, and by Allah and other people’s lack of faith in him. Fakhraldin estimated his speed was 200 miles per hour. He also told police he caused the crash by using psychic / telekinetic powers to control the steering. The officer at the scene said the driver showed apathy and neglected interest.

Alcala said, “There was no remorse. He just went back to his car nonchalant, pulled out a water bottle and just posted up.”

So what do YOU think? If a driver purposefully T-bones your car at 100 mph but hoping they’re driving 200 mph, doing it in the name of allah, is that terror? Is terror measured by the number of people injured or the extent of the injuries… or is terror measured by the intent? It is obvious that Fakhraldin had intended to injure many in the name of allah but so far authorities have not said if it was considered a terrorist act.

Alcala had served in the military in Afghanistan in the war on terror. He says that he feels like he’s back in a war zone all over again seeing some of the terrorist acts that extreme Muslims have acted out on U.S. soil this past year. Alcala said, “Coming back from Afghanistan, thinking I’m on home soil I’m safe now….just shouldn’t have to worry about something like that you know.”

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