Drivers Horrified At What’s Spotted On Back Of Man’s Car Heading Down Major Freeway – Here’s What It Means

Have you ever heard anyone say “when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail”? It’s kinda the same when you’re a liberal. Except for them it’s that when you’re a liberal, the whole world looks like a PC violation. Literally, anything is fair game in this insanity that is political correctness.

Unfortunately, the government and others are running so scared of the crazy liberal hordes that they sometimes give in to this madness and force innocent citizens to deal with the consequences. This is an especially insane

Via The Federalist Papers:

Snowflakes are determined to make sure that almost every word in the English language is offensive to someone, somewhere.

It will be so bad that even inconsequential references to Star Trek will be forbidden in the new language.

Like the word ‘Assimilate.’

The science-fiction fan Winnipeg, Manitoba, resident Nick Troller had ‘ASIMIL8’ as a license plate for almost two years. To add to the Star Trek theme, he added ‘WE ARE THE BORG’ and ‘RESISTANCE IS FUTILE’ as a license plate frame.

One complaint. But since leftists and crystalline liberals are offended by the reference to ‘assimilation,’ Troller has been ordered to surrender his license plate.

‘I’m very disappointed that they’re going to take my plate away from me. I struggled to figure it out and, I don’t know, it’s not very good. I’m upset and hurt,’ Troller told the CBC.

Apparently, Manitoba’s Public Insurance agency – which doles out the plates – received a complaint. One complaint.
Troller said it took him months to think of a unique plate that honored the Star Trek franchise that would still fit within the seven-character limit.

He doesn’t understand why he has to turn it in.

‘Hurting Other People’ ‘They said that it was hurting other people and I didn’t understand why because looking at the plate, and being a fan of the TV show Star Trek, I don’t see anything there that would hurt anybody. If you were a fan you would understand it,”’said Troller.

He argues the plate is a reference to the Borg, a villainous alien race that threatened Star Trek heroes with the phrase, ‘You will be assimilated.’

But some are offended, apparently.

Ry Moran, from the National Center for Truth and Reconciliation, insists the word ‘assimilate’ is too offensive to be on a license plate.”

Wait, So are they saying that people shouldn’t assimilate? Or are they just generally objecting to being told what to do? Their being offended by the very word kind of flies in the face of their constant insistence that foreigners, especially the middle easterners, will assimilate with no problem.

This is just further proof that the political correctness fest has gotten completely out of hand. First, we were banned from saying anything bad about people from other races, and that’s actually really good. There’s no need to slam people for the way they were born or things they were brought up doing in their native culture. Then the respect kinda morphed into walking on egg shells when we were told we couldn’t call people by what they refer to themselves as. Kinda like “I can call my brother an idiot, but you better not.” Ok, weird but whatever.

Then, it became racist if we said anything was different about another culture. I mean, by definition, another culture is going to be different, and that is, in many cases, a very beautiful thing. Wouldn’t it be more insulting to say that someone of a different culture is just the same as we are? Many have such a diverse background, it seems like the insulting thing would be to say that there were no differences.

Now though, we’ve sunken to a whole new level since we can’t even do any sort of hat tip to a culture, or else it’s “cultural appropriation.” They make it sound like it’s an emanate domain situation. As if doing something that admires another culture is physically taking it away from those who are born into it, and not giving it back. Is there’s just not enough of a given culture to go around?

For one moment I want you to imagine the most ridiculously emotional and irrational person that you’ve ever known. Maybe an ex-girlfriend (hopefully ex, and not current) or your mother in law going through menopause. Now image 50 of those all getting together making a list of all the things that YOU do that offends them, and then making a plan to pressure you to do only as they say. That’s basically what this feels like, we just need to find out who is making these rules up, and maybe we get some people some medication or something.

(Source: The Federalist Papers)

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