BREAKING: Drudge Report Hit By Mass Cyber Attack – Matt Drudge Says It’s OBAMA Admin

Someone spent about 90 minutes cyber attacking the famed news link website, Drudge Report, and the owner, Matt Drudge, wants to know if it was the Obama admin to blame.

The Drudge Report sorta favored Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election and may have a history of posting news that’s somewhat anti-Obama, but that’s because the Drudge Report isn’t a weakling leftist news source that harvests liberal tears in their little participation award safe spaces.


While not having hard evidence to prove that the DDOS attack came from the Obama admin, the clues are strikingly suspicious reports the SacBee.

SacBee – Drudge’s mention of Fort Meade is a reference to the Maryland headquarters of the National Security Agency and United States Cyber Command.

As of Thursday night, “Drudge Report” was still available to readers on multiple internet browsers, according to the Washington Times. However, the International Business Times reports that the website was briefly unavailable around 7 p.m. Eastern time Thursday.

Drudge’s speculation comes just hours after the Obama administration announced sanctions against Russia in retaliation for hacking efforts aimed at disrupting the presidential election. Russia’s role in the hacks, which many political analysts say aided Republican Donald Trump, has been disputed by some conservatives and Trump himself.

“The Drudge Report” has covered Trump favorably in the past, and at least one activist group has accused the site of pushing Russian propaganda throughout the election.

It will be very interesting to see who is responsible for attacking the website with a DDOS, which stands for distributed denial-of-service. It causes websites to crash by sending millions of requests to the site, much faster than the site can handle, and it’s like the server throws its hands in the air and quits working. It’s like when you’re at the all you can eat buffet and can’t eat anymore, but you keep trying and pass out in your second serving of ice cream. Can’t. Go. On…


Obama is on a warpath. He can’t get out of the White House without causing as many problems as possible. If this was Obama’s friends doing this, then it’s kind of lame. He’s on his way to a nice ex-President salary for the rest of his life. What could be better than retiring at his age and not having to ever work a day in his life?

The guy had a job for eight years and now he doesn’t have to do anything ever again.

To me, it doesn’t make sense for him to hack a right wing news website, but then again – maybe it was him.

He’s causing a bit of chaos lately, so it’s worth exploring the possibility of his team being ddos’ers.

If he paid the same company who crafted the failure known as the Obamacare website, then I’m sure it won’t be long until those folks are caught.

Check back later for more details.

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