Drunken Black Lives Thug Ignores Police, Never Expected This ‘SHOCKING’ Karma To Bite Him Back! BOOM!


A teenage drunk driver escaped a police stop that was caught in video tape in Texas on Friday. But, he didn’t get away with it. The driver was 18-year-old D’Morea Quashaveante Robinson.

Robinson was slowly approached by a police officer who noticed he was slumped over in his 2002 Pontiac Grand Am.

Robinson was unconscious after being found. He had what appeared to be blood on his face and shirt. The male police officer attempted to wake him while trying to open the car’s four doors.

When that didn’t work, the officer used his police baton to break the passenger window. Robinson awoke shortly thereafter. To make matters worse, when he woke up he began to drive off as captured by the bodycam of the officer and his patrol car’s dash cam.

The officer begins running after Robinson, yelling “Stop! Stop! Stop!,” before running back to his own vehicle. But just as the officer gets to his car the suspect careens straight into a power pole near 19th Street and University Avenue. A HUGE explosion ensued.

The car burst into flames with large amounts of smoke appearing above the car. The young man eventually escaped the vehicle..

He was hospitalized with only minor injuries and was booked for being intoxicated while driving. Fortunately he wasn’t burned or electrocuted.

Maybe next time he’ll listen to cop when he’s asked to stop.

So far the leaked video has over 12,000 views.