Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Allegedly Drains Dish Rag In Officer’s Coffee, Laughs With Coworkers, Still Employed


Someone needs a baseball bat upside the face. The Fraternal Order of Police in Coral Springs, Florida reported to members that an employee of Dunkin’ Donuts (no doubt a BLM thug piece of sh-t) rang out a dirty dish rag in an officer’s coffee. The employee was giving the female officer dirty looks as she gave her her coffee. The officer tasted it, and it was like drinking soapy dish water.

The officer returned to the Dunkin’ Donuts a few days later and saw the same employee. This time the employee pretended to spit in the officer’s coffee. A few other employees laughed about it. The female officer didn’t drink the coffee, and left the establishment.

It was reported to Dunkin’ Donuts management, and nothing was done at first.

The Coral Springs Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 87 posted a warning to officers on its Facebook page.

Here’s the full statement:

“*See updates below

A warning to our fellow brothers and sisters in uniform. One of our officers had some disturbing experiences at a local Dunkin Donuts…

After ordering coffee the officer noticed that an employee was sneering at her as the employee placed the coffee on the counter. The officer took one sip and noticed a strong soap taste in the coffee and she believes they rang out a dirty dish rag into the coffee cup.

A few days later she returned and the same employee, from a few days earlier, pretended to spit in the officer’s coffee. Two employees then laughed about it and then handed the cup of coffee to the officer. Needless to say the officer did not drink the coffee and left the store.

The incident was reported to the store and area manager but the outcome is unknown. The Dunkin’ Donuts is located at 8175 Wiles Rd (Wiles Rd and Riverside Dr).

Update #1
We spoke to the owner this morning who stated that they are investigating the incident. They have confirmed that the employee is still working at that store. They promised that if they find any wrongdoing by the employee that they will take the appropriate action.

Update #2
The owner contacted us earlier and informed us that the employee has been suspended, pending the outcome of the investigation.”

Took ’em long enough! Dunkin’ Donuts might want to rethink its hiring policy. Try asking if they’re members of BLM first. If they are, see ’em to door or expect to see some serious boycott action going on!

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By Jeff Rainforth
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