Ecuador Admits It Cut Assange’s Internet Due to The Obama Admin’s Pressure To Cover Up For Democrats

Word has it that Ecuador cut off Julian Assange’s Internet the other night because he was getting too involved in the US election. It was done at the behest of John Kerry. I’m not surprised… this is the hidden tit for tat with Russia that Clinton has going on. Plus, she just can’t stand any truth about her being released to the public. This is low, even for the likes of Lurch.

Assange says he has somewhere around 50,000 emails. He’s only released 12,000 of them. There’s a lot more he can dump and I doubt that this will stop him. Kerry demanded the access be cut off because Assange’s leaked emails could disrupt peace negotiations with a guerrilla group in Colombia. What a load of horse dung. That ‘guerrilla group’ is FARC… Kerry is trying to cut a deal with communist radicals. Assange has far more to do with Clinton’s scandals.

From Gateway Pundit:

The Ecuadorian government admitted on Tuesday they cut Julian Assange’s internet on Saturday due to his interference with the US elections.

Assange and Wikileaks have released over 12,000 emails showing corruption, theft, lies and scheming by the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democrat party in this year’s election.

Ecuador admitted it took action after Wikileaks published a wealth of documents impacting the US election campaign.

Secretary of State John Kerry pressured Ecuador to cut off Assange’s internet during peace negotiations with the FARC terrorist group in Colombia.

Wikileaks reported on Tuesday that Kerry was behind the actions against Julian Assange.

The Obama administration does not want Americans to see the depth of corruption and filth in the Democrat Party.

Ecuador has admitted to the heavy-handed move. Wonder how much they were paid to do it? This is the Obama administration providing cover for the corruption of Hillary Clinton close to the election. It’s just dirty as hell and everyone knows it.

I’m not a fan of Julian Assange, but I thought the US believed in free speech. Or is it only allowed now when it benefits those in power? Of course, John Kerry and Obama are denying all of this and throwing shade on Assange, but seriously… does anyone out there doubt it? Regardless of who you support, we all know that this is something Obama would definitely sanction.

In this instance, I believe Assange and shame on the US government for trying to silence someone like this. If you didn’t have something to hide, you wouldn’t need to shut Assange up, now would you?



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