EgyptAir Flight Attendant Posted Pic On Facebook Of Plane Crashing A Year Before She Died In Flight MS804

This is disturbing. Why would you post this? Unless you are part of that Islamic death cult that is just so bloodthirsty.

Normal people don’t post things like this. I have a hard time believing this crash was just an accident. Planes don’t fall out of the sky. Always a reason behind it.

People will say oh don’t jump to also can’t dismiss this photo either. This was also a warning of what was going to happen. Sad that no one reported that. Sad for the innocent lives taken.

From Pamela Geller

What flight attendant posts a picture of a plane crashing after getting a job with the airline?

“EgyptAir flight attendant posted picture on Facebook of plane crashing a year before she died in flight MS804,” By Robert Spencer, May 22, 2016:

What a coincidence. Might Samar Ezz Eldin have been part of a jihad cell that worked to take down the plane? The possibility cannot be dismissed out of hand.

“EgyptAir cabin crew posted picture of plane crashing on Facebook year before tragic flight MS804,” by Simon Robb,, May 20, 2016 Read More



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