Elementary School Cancels Mock Election After Kids Chant ‘Trump’


Sourpuss principal cancels mock election after the kids show disinterest in voting for a haggard hildabeast and spark wild Trump chants.

Looks like the male principal must have that low testosterone as he pussy foots around his building trying to be a dictator. What’s the point in canceling a mock election? Let the kids have fun and gain an interest in politics. Maybe one of the kids will go on to lead a city, state, or even our already great country.

Nah! Tater-Tater-Dictator can’t have it his way, so he ruins all the fun for the Trump kids. This must be the guy the kids can’t stand. If the kids in a school think you suck, then you REALLY suck. Kids can tell right away if you’re worth respecting, so they clearly must not like this pansy principal.

I cannot believe a man would cancel a mock election in his school, further emphasizing the idiots on the left and how INtolerant they really are. Don’t agree with a leftist, then you’re automatically wrong, shunned, robbed (of their Trump signs) and sometimes physically attacked like those fake thugs in Ferguson when they jumped random folks just for being white. Oh, my bad, sorry a guy had to go home from work and walk through a parking lot during your inconvenient riot in which you’re stealing and committing multitudes of felonious crimes.

Here’s what happened at the elementary school where a punk principal pussed out of a mock election and ruined everyone’s day at school, via quote from the Washington Times.

Children at Jericho Elementary School in Centereach will be voting for their favorite school lunch instead of their favorite presidential candidate after their mock campaign season got too heated.

That sounds like so much fun, said no one ever. Are they voting on Michelle Obama’s school lunch? The lunch where the food looks like someone mixed cardboard and tofu and served like three baby carrots with a side of unrecognizable items?

“Some people were getting angry because some people like Trump and some people like Clinton,” fifth-grader Miranda Waters told a local ABC News affiliate. “Some people think Clinton’s not good. Some think Trump’s not good. So there’s a lot of arguments going on, and I don’t like that.”

That’s called politics, stupid. It’s kinda like what happens in real life, where people have different opinions and they debate them and go on about their day. You don’t have to like it, but it’s called real life and you’re a part of it.

School officials decided to cancel the mock election to prevent minority students “from feeling uncomfortable,” according to Glen Rogers, the school’s principal.

Uncomfortable for what? Jump in the action and have some fun! Debate, debate, debate! You know who feels the MOST uncomfortable? Those damn white people!! They can’t do anything without feeling like they’re going to get called a privileged racist deplorable bum!

“Teachers have said they’ve heard some kids in the cafeteria chanting ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ or saying they don’t want Muslims here,” Mr. Rogers told ABC News.

I think they’re referring to radical Islamic terrorists and those rapey migrant refugees that have forced their way into so many French and German girls orifices via gang rape that…well..would YOU want them here? If so, let them live with you.

I think the guy responsible for canceling this fun activity to teach children about politics and civics should change his name to Principal Piss Face, because that’s about all he’s good for.

He should also be introduced to Lucille. If you don’t know who that is, then Google it.

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