Elizabeth Warren Attacks Trump’s RNC Speech! AMERICA Wakes Up And DESTROYS Her!

Goofy Elizabeth Warren appears to be obsessed with Donald Trump.

Every couple of days she has a Twitter meltdown in which she attacks Trump with a barrage of Tweets. Maybe she thought doing so would give her a shot at being selected as Hillary Clinton’s Vice President. She was interviewed by Hillary for the position – but clearly didn’t make the cut.

Her latest attack on Trump came after his fantastic speech at the RNC – because of course she would have a problem with it.

The Conservative Post reports:

“Warren was interviewed during the Late Show with Stephen Colbert…Where else?

She criticized the Republican Party for choosing Trump:”

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Well, most people disagreed with her. A poll among viewers on CNN who watched the speech showed that the overwhelming majority thought the kind of policies that Donald Trump proposed would be good for the nation Take note Democrats- it’s no wonder you guys lost the House and Senate.


That’s an increase from before the speech, by the way.


Oh – and did I mention the speech made people more likely to vote for him?


So only one in ten people were less likely to vote for Trump. Only 10% of people watched the speech and came to the same conclusion as goofy Elizabeth Warren.

In just the past two weeks, Donald Trump’s chances of winning the presidency (according to the statistical models over at FiveThirtyEight) have doubled.


Momentum is on Donald Trump’s side – and in light of an email hacking scandal that’s shining a negative light on many in the Democrat establishment, I doubt that the DNC will give Hillary the same kind of the boost that the RNC gave Trump.

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