Elizabeth Warren Got REALLY Rich In The System She Calls ‘Rigged’


(TPNN) Elizabeth Warren, the white freshman Senator from Massachusetts who continues to say she is really an American Indian “minority” (yeah, right Fauxahontas!) also continues to claim on the midterm election trail that the “system” in this country is hopelessly “rigged”.

Only now, she claims to know exactly who rigged it! While campaigning for her friend and equally progressive Senator Al Franken last week she stated: “The game is rigged, and the Republicans rigged it,”. Of course they did. Who else could’ve? Warren has waxed on incessantly that the system is rigged and that it is ultimately against the working and middle class favoring only the rich. That message was the essence of her 2012 campaign and somehow, it worked.

This is actually an old and moldy canard of the left and part and parcel of their narcissism. You see, by claiming you cannot make it in this, our Republic, because the game is stacked completely against you and “rigged”, they posit two things: one, you’re a “victim,” completely unable to rise up and succeed in life. And two, (and this is the most important part), the only way to get even a little bit of a leg up on life is to continue to vote for rich Democrats like Warren.

Wait….what? Elizabeth Warren is rich? Oh, you bet she is! She is worth as much as 14.5 MILLION dollars and lives in a five MILLION dollar mansion in Cambridge, Massachusetts. But hey, she is down with us middle class folks, I’m sure. I gather she regularly hangs out and parties with many plumbers, truck drivers and the like during soirees in the sunroom of her Colonial.

What irks me about wealthy democrat con artists like Warren is that instead of thanking God on her knees and extolling and reminding folks that only in this country can some dare to be, and then become, as wealthy as she is, she simply lies to the citizenry as if they are rubes and convinces them that without folks like her, they will never even make it to the middle class. It is a sick and terrible lie. A grave insult to the most innovative, hard-working and prosperous citizenry in the history of the world.

Somehow, by some glorious miracle, the “system” she indicts as being completely “rigged” is the same that allowed her to graduate from college, then law school, become a Professor at Harvard, a well-paid lawyer, and ultimately a Senator worth 14.5 million dollars. What a rigged system! Yet somehow, for the rest of us, unless we vote for her so she can grant us plebes her magnificent beneficence, we’ll just never make it.

Instead of simply being truthful and stating that if you, like her, gain a higher education, work hard and have confidence and ambition, this country offers ANYONE the opportunity to succeed, she’d rather dump on the very “system” that without such she would never have become so unimaginably wealthy.

Her message is truly a poorly disguised insult. You can’t succeed like she did, you see. You’re too dumb or simply do not have the wherewithal. Not without her and her help. That’s really where the rub is, isn’t it? Liberals like Warren feed on “rescuing” the “victims” of society and place themselves as Kings and Queens of benevolence.

Of course, things just never seem to get any better for the working and middle class in areas governed by democrats, do they? How’s Detroit doing these days? Chicago? How about the state under complete Democrat control and governorship, the once great State of California?

Yeah, right, great job guys. Good game.

If you live in a State or City run and controlled by Democrats, do yourself a favor: DON’T vote Democrat. And take a chance this mid-term and in 2016 and fire them.

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