Embarrassing Bomb Dropped About What Malia Was Caught Doing In White House On LAST Night There

Michelle Obama touts her accomplishment of having kept her daughters largely out of the public eye for eight years during her husband’s presidency. On the rare occasion that the girls would appear at public events, their teen angst was on full display and they were often criticized for the inappropriate attire they wore on these occasions. So, perhaps it’s for these reasons that Michelle wanted to protect her own reputation by keeping the girls out of the limelight. However, now that they’re out of the White House, a truth bomb has just been dropped on what the couple’s eldest daughter, Malia, did on her last night there.

Both Sasha and Malia have been sowing their wild oats since exiting the White House and enjoying their celebrity status as average civilians now. Their party lifestyle has been on full display since their last day in the People’s House, as they vacation separately from their parents who have been jet-setting non-stop since Barack Obama exited office.

With as wild and free as these two teens have been in recent months, that we’ve seen, it leaves one to wonder what happened behind closed doors up until now that Michelle kept under tight publicity control. The secret is out now that their mom is willing to say what happened on the final night in the White House and her reason for doing so is rather disgusting.

“While speaking at the American Institute of Architects conference in Florida last Thursday, Michelle said her daughters celebrated their final night in the White House by having a sleepover with their friends. Daily Mail reported that Michelle claimed that all Sasha and Malia wanted on their last night in the mansion was chicken nuggets, pizza and their friends,” Mr. Conservative reported. However, that wasn’t all.

Teens having a sleepover is no big deal but the timing of doing so the night before Inauguration Day seems a little poorly planned. As it turns out, there was a reason for that based on what Malia did the following morning as the Trumps were being welcomed to the White House.

After the girls spent the better part of their lives in the White House being waited on hand and foot, Michelle whined in her speech that Inauguration Day was extremely difficult for her teens who were really struggling with leaving.

“Right before the doors opened and we welcomed in the new family, our kids were leaving out the back door in tears, saying goodbye to people,” Michelle said. “I didn’t want to have tears in my eyes because people would swear I was crying because of the new president.”

It’s an interesting and rather self-serving statement to make considering that prior to this sympathy-riddled remark Michelle only complained about how “difficult” life in the White House was for her and her family. It’s really hard to feel bad for any of the Obamas who already overstayed their welcome there and now that they’re free from the “constraints” of living as a First Family, they sure do seem to be enjoying life.

Michelle had to refrain from looking at her sobbing daughters, ages 15 and 18, to avoid tearing up herself over having to leave one mansion and move to another. All four of them, Barack, Michelle, Sasha, and Malia, have been living pretty lavish lives since the White House, so what’s there to complain about? Adding to her sympathy sentiment, Michelle reiterated that she has no plans to run for office — not because her chances are likely slim of winning and the loss would be embarrassing, but because she doesn’t want to put her kids through again — effectively spinning the reason in her favor.

As liberals continue to rail on the Trump family for their “entitlement” even for Barron, who is the youngest in the immediate family, they so quickly forget how much the Obamas were and still are truly entitled.

Amanda Shea is a political aficionado and curator of current events, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. She brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. She writes with unfiltered truth, mixed with wit where it’s appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn’t be censored.

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