Embarrassing 3-Minute Clip From 60 Minutes DELETED From Hillary Interview Revealed (VIDEO)

In an article published earlier today, we pointed out that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had an ally in the media. While Trump and Hillary both suffered controversy last Friday (Trump’s from an audio leak, and Hillary’s from the Wikileaks dump), Trump’s got fifteen times more attention from the mainstream media.

Additionally, at Sunday’s debate, while the first question from the moderators had to do with Trump’s scandal, they only briefly covered Hillary’s.

We also pointed out that the hack revealed that Hillary had been fed at least one question beforehand of the Commander in Chief townhall. It was also revealed that the New York Times gave Hillary veto power in a story back in 2015. No wonder the media doesn’t want to discuss this leak – because it indicts them too.

And that’s not all. As US Chronicle reported:

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine appeared on 60 Minutes for an interview, but it’s not what was aired that has fascinated people, but what was on the cutting room floor.

While wearing one of her her Mao Zedong-like jackets, Hillary was asked about the Wikileaks probe into the DNC, and whether she was aware of the organized effort from the Democratic Party establishment to propell her ahead of Bernie Sanders.

Host Scott Pelley prefaced the question with,

“Brad Marshall, the Chief Financial Officer of the committee, wrote in an email, ‘For Kentucky and West Virginia, can we get someone to ask his [Sanders] belief? Does he believe in a god? He has skated on saying he has Jewish heritage. I think I read that he’s an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps.’” 

Pelley then ask Hillary,

“Did you know anything about that?” 

Clinton slowly shook her head, much the same way as she did when she was denying her husband’s sexual exploits, on the same program, nearly 20 years prior, and said,

“No, I didn’t know anything about it, and I haven’t read any of those.”

One would think that the former First Lady would be interested in learning a little bit about one of the biggest scandals, so far, during the 2016 election cycle.

What a genius.

Watch below:

As we know, Hillary Clinton knew damn well that the DNC was conspiring against. How could she not? Are we really supposed to believe that the entire Democrat establishment was conspiring against Bernie, and the woman they were conspiring for didn’t know?

That’s about as believable as the defenses she’s given for Benghazi, her emails, Bill’s sex scandals – and countless others.

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