The Blaze: Iraqi military pilots mistakenly provided food, ammunition, water and other supplies to Islamic State militants in mid-September, two officials told NBC News Tuesday.

A senior Iraqi security official and brigadier-general said supplies intended for Iraqi soldiers who had been combatting the terror group were accidentally dropped in enemy territory on September 19th.

“Some pilots, instead of dropping these supplies over the area of the Iraqi army, threw it over the area that is controlled by ISIS fighters,” Hakim Al-Zamili, a member of the Iraqi parliament who sits on the Security and Defense committee, told NBC News.

“Those soldiers were in deadly need of these supplies, but because of the wrong plans of the commanders in the Iraqi army and lack of experience of the pilots, we in a way or another helped ISIS fighters to kill our soldiers,” he added.

A brigadier-general in Iraq’s Defense Ministry also confirmed the incident.

“Yes, that’s what happened,” the unidentified official told NBC News, adding that some members of the Iraqi military “do not have enough experience … they are all young and new.”

An investigation has been launched into the incident.600x378

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