What Emergency? Obama DENIES Funds Request For Orlando Terror Victims

Apparently, Obama would rather talk about problems than actually solve them.

I get it – talking about gun control for the millionth time to promote regulations that wouldn’t have prevented a single recent mass public shooting is easy, but if he was truly concerned with the dead and wounded, you’d think he’d do more than talk.

But of course not. For as much as Obama claims to care about the victims of gun violence, he isn’t willing to spend a dime.

Via BizPacReview

GOP Governor Rick Scott of Florida excoriated the Obama administration Monday for refusing a request for an emergency declaration after the terror attack in Orlando, which effectively deprives victims of $5 million in aid.

After the terror attack took place last week at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Scott called on the Obama administration for an emergency declaration under the Stafford Act for $5 million to help support emergency medical care and supply additional resources to law enforcement.

That request has been denied, though the administration has sent over $253,000 to cover first responders who worked overtime during the crisis.

“It is incredibly disappointing that the Obama Administration denied our request for an Emergency Declaration,” Scott said in a press release. “Last week, a terrorist killed 49 people, and wounded many others, which was the deadliest shooting in U.S. history. It is unthinkable that President Obama does not define this as an emergency. We are committing every state resource possible to help the victims and the community heal and we expect the same from the federal government.”

The Obama administration saw fit to the deny the request for funds, but it has approved other emergency declarations in the past, namely the Massachusetts water main break in 2010, the Boston marathon bombing in 2013 and the Flint water crisis in 2016.

And what do all other cases where he did send emergency funds have in common? There were no guns involved.


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