ENOUGH OF THE ISLAMIC PLAGUE: Anti-Muslim Demonstrators Defy Blanket Ban On Public Protest In Corsica


From Breitbart London

Tensions are rising on the Mediterranean Island of Corsica, a province of France, where authorities have banned all public protest after a series of anti-Muslim demonstrations were triggered by attacks on police and Firemen in a primarily Muslim neighbourhood.

The unrest comes little more that a week after the “For Corsica” nationalistic coalition of parties swept to power in the Island’s local elections.

On Friday, a crowd of 600 gathered by a fire station in a show of support with the authorities, after two firefighters and a police officer were “ambushed” by “several hooded youths” in the low-income, primarily Arab, Jardins de l’Empereur housing estate in the capital of Ajaccio.

One of the firefighters at the scene had claimed the youths who attacked them shouted: “Scram, Corsicans, you’re not at home here!”

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